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Audio Conferencing Tip: Avoid Using Music Hold

phone conferencing, conference call, audio conferencing, audio conferencing best practices, teletipsAs a host, you will have access to advance features during your audio conference including the "music hold" feature. This feature greets your audience with elevator music prior to the start of the event, so that they are aware that they were able to successfully connect to the session. However, once your session has started, try to avoid putting your phone on hold.This is due to the fact that with many audio conferencing services, your hold music will begin playing again into the conference call, making it impossible for the other attendees to continue the meeting

Web Conferencing Tip: Use Wired Connections

web conferencing, Infinite Conferencing, best practices, teletips, web conferencing tipOften times when conducting a web conference, you will be using bandwidth intensive features such as the webcam or screensharing. For this reason, we recommend the use of a wired connection. While WiFi may seem like a good option for a web conference session, it has its negatives. The most common issues associated with being on WiFi for a web conference are related to connection quality. With a WiFi connection you will be more prone to spotty session quality and transmission speed.

Webinar Tip: Set a Time for Q&A

webcasting, webinar, webinar tips, webinar best practices, webcasting tips, Webinar Dos and Donts, teletipsIt is often commonplace to witness discussions or for a teacher to allow questions in the middle of a classroom or collaboration session. However, when you move in to the virtual meeting space, where you are talking to an unseen audience, the speakers or moderator need to be sure manage the overall flow of the webinar session. More specifically, it is vital to assign specific time frames within the webinar for questions and discussions and proceed according to the aforementioned plan. We suggest allotting the last 10-15 minutes of session to Q&A, depending on the overall length of the webinar.

Webinar Whitepaper


webinar resized 600

Planning a webinar is much like organizing a traditional event—there are many details to consider, all of which are important.

When approaching event planning, it is best to break the processes into smaller, more manageable components.

The following guidelines outline the necessary steps you should take to ensure your virtual event is a success...

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Conference Call Checklist


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Your Guide to Planning a Call

Conference calls can be complicated. Many moving parts, people, and objectives create an intimidating project for even the most experienced planner.

This checklist was made for you: the busy professional who would like to setup the perfect conference call!

Great for planning:

  • Large internal & external corporate calls

  • Earnings calls

  • Teleseminars and more...

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Audio Conferencing Tip: Early Is Always Better


phone conferencing, conference call, audio conferencing, audio conferencing best practices, teletipsRunning late happens, but do your best not to be late for any phone conferencing appointments. It is always best to arrive about five to 10 minutes early so you can become comfortable with the audio conferencing software and ensure that all participants know what to do once they connect. This also allows the meeting to start on time and avoids the distraction of late entrants.

Webinar Best Practices. Learn from the Pro.


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Planning and delivering an Onstream webinar that achieves its educational goals and satisfies your attendees takes conscientious effort and attention to detail. It doesn’t “just happen!”. This webinar will combine experiences and lessons taken from commercial industry, membership associations, and professional peer groups to identify strategies and tactics that benefit you and your audiences. View Now.

New to streaming? Learn how it works.



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Gain a high level understanding of how streaming works and the specific ability to upload a video to YouTube and embed it in your own website while using Onstream's array of video publishing tools. View now.

How to maximize the ROI on your lead generation and marketing webinars.


Return on Investment ROI resized 600

Creating and delivering a quality marketing webinar takes time and effort. Learn how Onstream's services can help you to get the highest possible return on your investment. View Now.


What to look for in Webinar Vendor?


Join Ken Molay, President of Webinar Success, as he explains the differences in web collaboration technologies and what you should be asking your potential vendor in order to make an informed decision. Learn how Onstream Media can help you deliver useful multimedia presentations to key audiences.  View Now.

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