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Customer Service: A Pressing Need in the Technology Industry


customer service ss 1920 800x449Your business is a brand new technology startup with the potential to offer groundbreaking products and/or services. But first your business needs to win the confidence of its customer base.  

How do you do this? You need to focus on providing an outstanding customer experience in addition to providing first-class deliverables.  

Here’s why: Customer service has become one of the most pressing demands in business today—and this is true across just about every industry. After all, consider the results of a 2014 Parature study that shows that 65 percent of customers have cut ties with a brand following a poor customer service experience.

With technology solutions, in particular, the need for strong customer service is paramount, as customer frustrations are often heightened by product complexities.

Over the next few years, the need to accommodate consumers will skyrocket as the number of connected devices proliferates. Real-time connectivity comes with the expectation of real-time customer service, which is why many companies are now innovating to make customer service more accessible. Look at Amazon’s Mayday Kindle, for instance, which allows users to contact customer service representatives with the push of a button.

One easy and affordable way that technology companies can provide a stellar customer experience is by investing in online meetings. Through the use of an online meetings suite like Onstream Meetings, customer service representatives can communicate with customers using a variety of different chat options like audio, text and video. Onstream also makes it easy to communicate by allowing end users to exchange (and even edit) a variety of multimedia documents over a shared screen.

So, do you have a next-generation customer service strategy in place?


Why Webinars, Why Now?


12107225 hand holding business world Stock Photo business technology globalRight now there is a lot of focus on the need to build comprehensive, long-term marketing strategies. In other words, marketing collateral shouldn’t just work to obtain customers in the short term. Each asset should also work to build awareness about other assets and your brand as a whole.

Besides articles and social media posts, webinars are one of the most important parts of any integrated marketing strategy. Here are some reasons why webinars are so valuable:

Highly shareable: You can share webinars with your customers via email or by embedding them directly into other pieces of content. For example, you can write a blog post that links to a webinar and convinces readers to watch it. In doing so, you will gain extra mileage out of a single webinar.

Highly engaging: While other digital assets may work to inform readers about your products and services, webinars give readers the opportunity to engage directly with your brand. Webinars are ideal for answering customers’ questions in real time and gaining useful feedback about your company’s offerings.

Full of value: It’s amazing how much information you can fit into an hour-long webinar, such as useful statistics, interesting videos, use cases and interviews. Customers attend webinars to receive valuable information that they can turn around and use to enhance their own businesses. And when you provide it to them, you build your credibility as a trusted source of information.

Easily scalable: One of the best things about hosting webinars is that they can scale to meet the needs of your customer base. As your organization grows and more customers start tuning in, you can expand your webinar platform to accommodate a larger number of interested attendees without having to invest in additional capital expenditures.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Media can help improve your integrated marketing strategy.

Three Questions To Ask Before Letting Your Employees Telecommute


telecommute2You are considering offering telecommuting as a way of making your business more flexible, and also making life easier for your employees. But is your business equipped to handle the demands of a telecommuting environment? Telecommuting can diminish productivity and add unnecessary challenges if employees lack the proper communications technology (i.e. a Web conferencing platform.) 

Here are three questions to ask before you give remote working the green light in your company:

  1. How will your employees collaborate? One of the upsides to having everyone together in the same room is that this type of environment breeds collaboration among workers. Onstream Meetings, for example, makes it possible to exchange and edit multimedia in real time over a shared screen, while communicating via text, audio and video. Using the platform, your employees can collaborate as if they are sitting right next to one another.
  2. How will you protect your sensitive data? Don’t risk transmitting sensitive information (i.e. payment, contact, personal health or any other form of private data) over the Web without taking the proper precautions. Invest in a secure, cloud-based Web conferencing platform like Onstream Meetings that will encrypt your information and transmit it over a private, hosted network.
  3. How will you meet as a team? Just because your team is spread out doesn’t mean you have to stop communicating as a single team. Using Onstream Meetings, your whole department can exchange ideas in a group-wide conference. Onstream makes it easy for a single user to moderate a meeting, so that everyone can have an equal shot of speaking. And with the help of a full content library, moderators can easily share files with the group as needed without having to disrupt the meeting by searching endlessly for specific documents.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings can help facilitate telecommuting in your enterprise.

Internal Webinars: A Great Way to Unify Your Global Teams


comm02Your enterprise is facing a tough challenge: With offices in New York, London and San Francisco, the company is acting more like three separate entities than one unified corporation. Specifically, you’re running into issues regarding:


  • Branding: It takes a lot of work to make a brand look and feel the same across multiple channels. And while logos, text fonts and color schemes are all liable to change from time to time, all team members across the enterprise need to be kept apprised of any alterations and make the appropriate adjustments so customers are presented with a unified image.
  • Cultural compliance: While each office is bound to have its own personality, what you can’t have are cultural differences. You would be remiss, for instance, to allow flexible work hours, BYOD and casual attire in your San Francisco office if you don’t allow the same perks in New York. This would lead to feelings of resentment among your New York workers. 

Policy decisions: New challenges constantly arise when decisions need to be made on the fly. However, it’s important to have a unified strategy in place for dealing with individual problems so that managers and executives know how they should go about solving them.

So, what’s an easy way to improve communication among all of your corporate offices? Offer monthly webinars, where up to 500 employees can log in at a time for a unified online meeting. With the help of a moderator, your enterprise can address important personnel changes, policy updates and compliance protocols. You can also exchange important documents like updated contracts, marketing collateral like white papers and case studies, and training materials for new employees.


Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings, a leading provider of webinar services, can help increase communication across your enterprise.

Use Online Meetings to Transform Your Company Into a Digital Hotbed of Innovation


images (1)Innovation is the lifeblood of your organization. Simply put, if your employees are not constantly looking for ways of integrating new revenue-driving initiatives across the enterprise, your company could be in danger of becoming stagnant and falling behind the competition. It is through the sharing of market research, customer feedback and new ideas that companies grow and develop.

For this reason, it’s critical that employees have a central place to gather to bounce ideas off one another. The reality, however, is that in today’s increasingly globalized office environment, this naturally occurring type of collaboration is disappearing. As a result, conversations that used to take place in conference rooms, at lunch tables, within carpools and around water coolers have subsided. While long-distance email is helpful for exchanging notifications and feedback, it can’t replace the value of real-time face-to-face encounters.

How can you overcome common communications barriers (i.e., distance and time) in a globalized office environment and ensure that your employees have an organic way to share their thoughts? One solution is to invest in an online meetings suite that allows employees to communicate in a variety of chat settings (e.g., audio, video and text) while simultaneously engaging in screen sharing. A product like Onstream Meetings, for instance, provides all of these features while also making it possible to upload multimedia content into a single Web-based console.

By leveraging a robust online meetings platform like Onstream Meetings, which comes with over 100 features, you can ensure that new workplace ideas will be communicated and given the opportunity to grow into exciting new business initiatives.

Steer Clear of Automated Webinars


webinar headset pcJust recently, Entrepreneur ran an article advocating that business leaders consider experimenting with automated webinars in lieu of hosting live, streaming presentations. The author’s reasoning was that actively managing a live webinar requires a great deal of time and energy and by automating the process, you can free yourself to focus on other tasks.

This  course of action,  however, does not come without risks.

It’s true, that many times it’s difficult to find the necessary time to devote to planning and presenting high-quality webinars. But when you consider the invaluable returns that you can receive from hosting webinars  (like creating brand awareness and thought leadership, as well as expediting the buying process for your customers), it’s worth trying to find extra periods in your schedule to accommodate them.

A webinar, after all, is your online stage where all of your marketing efforts combine to create a highly-engaging, professional presentation. It’s your chance to get in front of your audience and devote your own personal time to your target market, and give them the opportunity to engage with your brand. One of the biggest boons of live webinars is it affords you the chance to have a two-way dialogue with your audience. When you automate the process, you lose the ability to answer questions in real-time, conduct (and discuss the results of) meaningful polls and speak freely with your audience.

What you can do, as an added benefit, is offer your archived webinars to your customers after they end either on YouTube, or through a downloadable asset on your website. This will help drive extra value. But there’s just no substitute for offering a live, high-quality presentation to your customers.

So don’t offer your audience members canned content. Keep your webinars fresh and live for the best results. Click here to learn more about how Onstream’s webinar services can help you do this.

How Often Should You Host A Webinar?


19028711 Blue circle Mark on the calendar at 25  Stock Photo calendar date businessWe’ve all sat through an amazing webinar—that is, one full of interesting speakers, great video clips and thought-provoking customer questions—only to want to attend another one after it’s finished. 

It’s pretty frustrating, therefore, having to guess if and when a company will release another online presentation.

Webinars—just like blog posts and email marketing messages—should be delivered at regular and consistent intervals. And while you may not have the resources to pull off weekly or even bi-weekly presentations, you should find and stick to a regular schedule so that attendees never have to wonder about when they should pencil in the next presentation.

What’s the benefit to hosting webinars at regular intervals as opposed to sporadically? By creating a regular cadence, you’ll build a steady base of viewers who will get excited about your brand and will tune in on a regular basis. This will help you not only to grow your webinar subscriber and attendance base, but to also benchmark your success. For instance, your goal could be to increase your audience base by 25 people each time. If you’re successful, you could ramp up your goal to 50 new attendees each time.

It’s therefore critical that you have a scalable and reliable cloud-based platform that will accommodate new attendees as word spreads about your brand online. You don’t want to reach a ceiling where you have to start turning attendees down because of a lack of space.


Why Streaming Content Is The Way Of The Future


3d HDRight now, there is a massive shift occurring in the way that consumers are accessing media. The days of traditional broadcasting are coming to an end, as streaming video is taking its place.

Consider the fact that worldwide, about 100 million people now stream video on demand. This number is expected to increase by 80 percent over the next decade. Driving this growth are services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube, all of which make it easy to access premium content at the click of a mouse. You can expect even more “cord cutting”—that is, the process in which a cable subscriber cancels his or her package in favor of an on demand video service—to increase this fall when Apple TV releases its new skinny bundle of streaming television service. 

Why is streaming media the way of the future? Ever since YouTube exploded onto the scene in 2005, and consumers tasted what it’s like to access media without having to wait for it, demand for instant media has been steadily increasing. Today it’s reached an insatiable level.

If you want proof, just look at the fact that Netflix users spend 10 billion hours every month streaming live video.

So, what does streaming media have to do with your brand? In short, it has a lot to do with it if you want to connect with online audiences and gain more publicity. Instead of investing thousands of dollars or more into targeted television advertisements, consider going where the majority of viewers are headed—online—and offer high-quality video presentations with a first class webinar services provider instead.

A service like Onstream Webinars will provide built-in marketing features that you can use to personally invite attendees to your presentations, interact with them during your events, and follow up with them after your presentations end.

Click here for more information about how Onstream Webinars can help your business target customers online.


On Board With Office Autonomy? Make Sure Your Employees Can Communicate With One Another


iStock BusinessSolutionMeet Pete: Like most employees in his company, Pete works with little to no immediate supervision. Rather than following specific directives, Pete lets the quality of his work—and his attentiveness to details—do the talking.

Occasionally, however, Pete needs to consult with another member of his team before making a decision. But since a large portion of his company works remotely, accessing key individuals when they are needed can be a difficult task and, oftentimes, he can’t access the individuals he needs and must either delay his work or make an educated guess to solve his problem.

As this example shows, office autonomy can be a wonderful privilege; it can empower your workers to be more confident and take greater responsibility for their actions. But to function properly, workers need to be able to communicate with one another at any given time. Teamwork, after all, remains a critical component of productivity.

 So, if your office is considering embracing an autonomous approach to employee management, make sure that your workers have access to a robust Web conferencing platform like Onstream Meetings, i.e., one that comes with over 100 features as well as a combination of audio, video and text-based chatting. With the help of Onstream Meetings, workers can easily log in over their Web browser and exchange a variety of multimedia among themselves.

 So, are you ready to increase autonomy in your organization? Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings can facilitate first-class communications for your team.


Why a Digital Collaboration Suite Is a Great Team-Building Tool


UntitledThe next time you watch a baseball game, pay attention to what happens when a catcher and a pitcher are having a problem on the diamond. You’ll see the catcher walk out to the mound perhaps, and the two players will have a face-to-face discussion until they work out their differences and play can resume. This interaction typically takes place without the involvement of the team manager or anyone else. 

This is a great example of how it can often be instrumental for collaboration among team members when a manager steps back and lets ideas flow among staff without getting directly involved. This saves time and establishes camaraderie among workers. Sure, group-wide team building initiatives (like activities and meetings) should take place at regular intervals; it’s critical, however, that employees feel like they can simply approach one another and communicate individually as well.

Web conferencing is one solution that can help your team members build trust and work together among themselves. Whether two workers are sitting right next to one another, or they are located on opposite sides of the country, a Web conferencing solution like Onstream Meetings allows employees to exchange information in real time in a variety of different ways—from text to video to audio chatting.

Web conferencing is also a critical team-building tool that will garner especial appreciation from your millennials; that is, a generation that grew up using platforms like Facebook and Skype to communicate. Younger workers want the ability to quickly exchange information in real time without having to schedule a formal meeting.

Are you providing your employees with the communications tools they need to engage in team building? Click here to learn more information about how Onstream Meetings can help.



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