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Three Features Every HIPAA-Compliant Online Meetings Suite Should Have


describe the imageAs an IT professional in the healthcare industry, ensuring HIPAA compliance in your online meetings suite is one of the most important responsibilities that you have. After all, data breach violations can cost upward of $1.5 million per incident. And aside from the steep fines associated with HIPAA negligence, your business’s reputation could be tarnished in the eyes of its customers if their private information is stolen or compromised.

In the past, ensuring HIPAA compliance was a simpler process since because it primarily involved keeping physical customer medical charts on premises and in locked filing cabinets. But now, due to the fact that a great deal of private information is transmitted among team members over the Internet, your system should be equipped to prevent unauthorized third parties from intercepting data.  

Therefore, if you’re looking for an online meetings suite for your healthcare organization, make sure it has the following features along with HIPAA certification:

Strong data encryption: Your company will generate a lot of customer data during online meetings, and you must protect that information as it flows over the Internet among end users. Encryption locks the information using secure coding; this way, if it is intercepted by an unauthorized third party, it will be inaccessible. Just about any form of multimedia can be encrypted.

Access controls: You don’t want unauthorized employees accessing customer information. Accordingly, look for a solution that comes with access controls such as unique user ID numbers and automatic logoff to safeguard against snooping eyes and sensitive data from sitting on idling machines.

Integrity controls: This type of control can prevent sensitive data like health records from being altered in real time during online meetings. Using integrity controls, you can ensure that data can be shared among team members and returned to its original state without its contents being changed.

Of course, it pays to partner with an online meetings provider like Onstream Meetings, which can provide your business with a full suite of HIPPA-compliant features. You can learn more about Onstream Meetings by clicking here

Use Online Meetings to Grow Your SMB


onlinecollabAs a small to midsized business (SMB), your company does not have the luxury of a big budget or an established reputation to help it connect with customers and market its products or services. So customers might want to do a bit more digging for information about your company before choosing to invest in your solutions.

An online meetings platform from Onstream Meetings is one of the most comprehensive and affordable ways that you can increase communication with customers and visibility around your business’s core offerings. As a feature-rich, browser-based meetings platform, Onstream Meetings facilitates seamless and secure interactions for up to 50 users at a time.

Here are some ways that Onstream Meetings can help you grow your SMB:

Eliminate customer confusion: It’s very frustrating to lose a potential business deal due to a miscommunication about a particular product offering. Yet this often happens when customers don’t have the information they need to truly visualize a product in action.

Onstream Meetings solves this problem by allowing customers and sales associates to engage in two-way video, audio and text-based interactions. Onstream Meetings makes it possible to share multimedia files, highlight on-screen areas using a mouse or even modify documents in real time for advanced collaboration.

Save money: Most SMBs operate on a tight budget, which makes it difficult for sales associates to travel long distances and close deals. After all, face-to-face customer interactions typically require transportation costs, lodging and dining expenses.

Using Onstream Meetings, sales associates can simply connect over the Web, which reduces or eliminates the need to travel when making offers and deals. This can, in turn, increase your global customer base, as international customers can easily connect with your company. Onstream even offers right-to-left reading and page scrolling for Hebrew and Arabic customers.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings can help your SMB reach new heights. 

Three Ways to Liven Up Your Next Webinar


iStock Webinar e1349996785678 resized 600We’ve all been there: You’re 20 minutes into a webinar and your eyelids are drooping, your head is nodding and you’re wishing the Keurig machine was closer to your desk. The webinar is a snooze-fest, and you’ve completely lost interest. 

Keep this scenario in mind when you’re planning your next presentation so you can prevent this type of situation from happening to your attendees. After all, hosting a dull webinar will do more than just put people to sleep. Failure to captivate your audience and convince them to believe in your brand could affect post-event sales, too. Furthermore, the resource will continue to reflect poorly on your organization as long as it lives on your website or online channel.

You can avoid the pitfalls of hosting a boring webinar by including the following features:

Live video and audio: Make your webinar a live event instead of a prerecorded webcast to add excitement and connect with your audience members in meaningful ways. Inserting live video or audio can bring a presentation to life by allowing audience members to connect faces and voices to slide decks, and it also shows that your team is actively invested in producing a valuable presentation instead of a stale sales resource. It adds the allure, in other words, of a living digital event.

Tip: Bring out a surprise guest halfway through the presentation to keep viewers tuned in. This guest could be a company executive, a thought leader in your industry or a high-profile customer. This will add unexpected value to your presentation, and it could cause repeat followers.  

Audience participation: Nobody likes being lectured to for an hour or more. Instead of speaking at your audience, facilitate an environment of inquiry-based learning by conducting a live poll during your presentation. It’s also critical to open up your webinar to question and answer sessions, too. Let your audience know that you’re interested in what they have to say.

Tip: Use valuable feedback from your audience members to develop leads and make sales. When webinar attendees ask and answer questions, you gain a clearer understanding of their needs.

Markups: Use a digital whiteboard to mark up your presentation and make your webinar come to life—just like a sportscaster draws on the screen during an instant replay to pinpoint action. This tool allows a presenter to physically highlight certain areas of a display to drive home a point, make a suggestion or even cross out material. It lets people know that, as a presenter, you are actively engaged in presenting material in a dynamic manner.  

Tip: Use your mouse to cross out a brand myth or a competitor’s solution.

Click here to learn more about how you can add flair or excitement to your next online presentation using Onstream Webinars’ professional services. 

Overcoming the Three Webinar Nightmares


afraid resized 600Imagine you’re about to make a big sales presentation to a prospective client via your webinar service over the phone. All of a sudden your target expresses frustration over not being able to log onto your platform because he or she doesn’t have administrative rights to download the software being used. The meeting shuts down and your sales deal washes down the drain.

This is just one of the many nightmares webinar organizers face when using webinar services. The reality is that not all webinar platforms are user-friendly. Investing in one that is complicated to set up and log into can lead to missed communications and botched business opportunities.

Onstream Webinars, which utilizes a convenient browser-based platform, can help you avoid nightmarish scenarios such as the following, for which we also provide solutions:

1.       Inability to see who’s attending: All too often, webinar software will provide a registration page and nothing else.  It’s up to the user to distribute emails and event reminders to attendees manually. As a result, it’s unclear how large the audience will be or whether key contacts will be tuning into the event on the big day.

Onstream Webinars’ solution: Create customized registration pages and event invitations from a single location, as well as reminders and confirmations that can be distributed via email. The company also makes it easy to create post-event emails thanking attendees for their participation and moving them along the sales funnel.

2.       Difficulties dialing in: The dial-in code is unexpectedly changed the day of the webinar. Your phone is ringing off the hook with people complaining that they can’t dial into the presentation.

Onstream Webinars’ solution: Onstream Webinars’ PSTN and SIP dial-in codes and Web links never change, so you won’t have to worry about attendees getting locked out when it’s time to enter the webinar.

3.       Poor media quality: The webinar begins, but the video and audio quality is choppy and latent. Unfortunately, there is no way to adjust the settings during the presentation so the webinar carries on, laden with media glitches.

Onstream Webinars’ solution: Onstream Webinars comes equipped with HD and custom video and audio settings. This makes it easy to adjust settings on the fly in order to deliver a professional multimedia experience.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Webinars can help you produce flawless, high-quality cloud-based presentations. 

Every Great Webinar Requires Great Marketing


Webinar services, webinars, Onstream Webinars, ONW, Webinar marketingPicture this: You’ve put several hours of hard work into researching and piecing together a webinar. The presentation is jam-packed with valuable information, and you’re convinced it will be the talk of your industry for the rest of the week. But when it comes time to go live, you find there are only a handful of attendees present.  

Where are all of the guests, you ask? The truth is that you put nearly all of your effort into planning your presentation, and very little to none into the invitation and registration process. As a result, your webinar will not Publishget the attention it deserves.

As this example shows, it’s very important to remember that webinars need to be marketed just like any other event. Sure, engaging in marketing tactics like posting a message on your website or social channels can be helpful for increasing hype and reminding people to tune in, but these stand-alone strategies will not guarantee ears and eyes in your next webinar. It’s critical to send official invitations to prospective attendees, along with registration pages, if you want to increase the number of participants.

The best way to do this is by investing in a one-stop shop webinar services platform like Onstream Webinars. Onstream Webinars makes it easy to send highly customizable, targeted invitations to attendees along with registration links. The platform also integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook, so invitees can gain access to calendar reminders for events. Onstream Webinars also provides tools for following up with attendees after a webinar, which can help accelerate the sales cycle.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Webinars can provide your company with the necessary tools for ensuring a great turnout at your next webinar.

Content Marketing Predictions


Interested in taking your content marketing to the next level? Check out this interesting infograph just published by Visual.ly...





When Foul Weather Arrives, the Show Must Go On


sb resized 600

Much of the eastern portion of the U.S. is covered beneath a heavy blanket of snow following the recent blizzard that pummeled the region. Boston, for instance, has already received a whopping 53.4 inches this winter, which is 10 more inches than the average for a full season, and meteorologists are predicting even more snowfall.

Unfortunately for businesses, many lack the necessary technology for staying open during inclement weather. This, combined with other storm costs is taking a big toll on the economy as a whole. In Massachusetts, for instance, a one-day storm costs the state economy as much as $265 million; in New York, the cost is around $700 million.  Altogether, the recent blizzard could cost northern New Jersey, New York City and New England over $1 billion in total.

Your business can’t afford to lose one day of commerce, let alone multiple days. So, if you’re a business owner, you want to make sure that when the foul weather hits, your organization has the capability to let employees work from remote locations. This can be easily accomplished through the use of a browser-based cloud conferencing solution.

With the help of a cloud conferencing platform, team members will be able to interact from home or road-based offices just as they could at work. Tools like live video and audio, real-time chat, multimedia sharing and more make it possible to ensure secure and crystal clear communication over any laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet.

And by leveraging the cloud, you will not have to worry about ensuring network uptime during a storm since a cloud-based solution is fully redundant. Its infrastructure, in other words, is stored and managed in a third-party location apart from your facility. So if your business is struck with a power outage, your communications will remain intact.

Does your business have what it takes to weather the next storm? Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings can help keep your business going. 


After Your Webinar Ends, the Real Work Begins


Planning resized 600

You just wrapped up an hour-long webinar. Think your work is finished? Think again ... Grab a fresh cup of coffee, roll up your sleeves and get busy on the next task at hand: using the information supplied by your attendees to drive sales.

While a webinar is meant to provide attendees with valuable insight about your products and services, it also works the other way around. The information supplied by customers before and during a webinar can go a long way in helping you discover who is interested in your products and services.

So, how do you get started with this critical step in the webinar process? First, you need to perform a common courtesy and thank your attendees for taking the time to sit through your event. Send an immediate follow-up email (don’t delay!), making sure to include the following information:

Incentive fulfillment: If you promise a certain asset to an attendee as a gift for participating in your webinar, you need to follow through on your promise. This often includes distributing content like white papers or free service trials.

An archived link to the webinar: Make it easy to access your webinar following the event by providing a link to the archived version. If it won’t be available for a few days or a week, let your attendees know that first as well as when it will be posted online. This will prevent them from having to troll the Web looking for it.

Next, it’s time to sort through your webinar metrics to capitalize on your hot leads. To do this, analyze the information supplied by your customers in presentation polls, chats, direct messages and Q&A sessions. Make sure your webinar services provider offers the ability to export this data into spreadsheets and other tools following your webinar.

This may sound like a lot of work, but with an advanced webinar services platform, the process is simple. Click here to learn more about how Onstream Webinars’ advanced webinar services platform can help make the presentation follow-up process a breeze. 

Online Meetings: Evolving to Meet the Needs of the Remote Workforce


telecommuting resized 600

You and your colleagues are rarely together in the same place at the same time. On any given day, Joe could be working from home, Mary could be at a conference in Chicago and Louise could be offsite with a client.

Times are changing: Your business has transitioned from residing in a brick-and-mortar facility to being based out of virtual offices and run by remote workers. This follows the pattern of the roughly 30 percent of the American population who now work remotely.

Ensuring productivity and collaboration among geographically disparate employees can be tough, however, if you don’t have the right communications solutions. Fortunately, the capabilities of online meetings are evolving right along with the modern remote workforce. Through the power of cloud technology and interactive features, for example, it’s now possible to facilitate high-quality interactions among team members who are located around the country. Let’s take a look at some characteristics of winning online meeting platforms:

Live video and audio streaming: Incorporating streaming video, audio and high-quality images into a Web-based presentation used to be a slow and difficult process. But sharing multimedia files among end users is now as efficient as loading them into a cloud-based content library and accessing them through a central content viewer.

No more downloads: Now, employees can log into online meetings without having to download or engage with complicated software. Browser-based online meetings are hardware-agnostic, meaning they can be accessed over any device regardless of its make or model.

Security you can count on: In the past, employers were reluctant to let employees work beyond the walls of the office for fear of losing sensitive information. In the healthcare industry, for instance, HIPAA privacy penalties can cost a business as much as $1.5 million in fees should it be found responsible for repeated data exposures. Now, thanks to the power of cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant online meetings, confidential documents can be shared easily among employees without having to worry about a data breach.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings can revolutionize the way that your remote workforce communicates. 

Audio Conferencing Tip: Limit the Length


phone conferencing, conference call, audio conferencing, audio conferencing best practices, teletipsWhen conducting an audio conference it is strongly suggested to have one primary topic to focus on in order to limit the length of your conference call.

The reason for this being, that the longer your audio conference is, the more likely your participants will begin doing things on the side such as checking email, making them lose focus on the call itself.

Also, by limiting the length you are more likely not to stray from the original purpose of the conference call.

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