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Teleconferencing How Does it Work?


VoIP and TeleconferencingThe world of teleconferencing has progressed rapidly over the past few years. Limitations are becoming scarce as technological advancements have allowed this industry to become even more accessible across the globe. With such evolution occurring it is important to understand the basics of teleconferencing and why choosing a reliable teleconferencing provider is crucial.

How does teleconferencing work exactly?

Audio conferencing begins with callers connecting into a conference bridge. Different conferencing providers use different types of bridges to connect calls and create (what we call) “rooms”. 

Traditional conference bridges utilize circuit switching technology which routes calls through a series of connected switches.

VoIP bridges work similarly in the sense that they are able to move information quickly. The difference being exactly how VoIP bridges move data. VoIP bridges use “packet switching” meaning they are able to move data in small “blocks” over a network.  There are many advantages to this process including:

  • Increased Network Efficiency -Each packet of data can travel through the network using its own path. This makes it a more efficient way for the network to operate. 
  • Reliability- If data gets lost it can be easily retrieved using packet switching. 
  • Cost- VoIP bridges can be scalable and overall more cost effective than traditional bridges. 

With state-of-the-art conferencing technology and best in class customer service, Infinite Conferencing is the clear choice for any organization. To learn more about how we can revolutionize your audio conferencing needs please visit: or call us at 1.888.203.7900

What Do You Think About Our New Partner, Webinara?


webinara logo left

Welcoming Webinara 

Webinars have a new cheerleader - and it's Webinara, a brand new website and evangelist for all things webinar, launched last month out of Oslo, Norway. Have a look at their site,, where your feedback is truly welcomed by the founders!

Onstream Media partnered up with Webinara to offer YOU..

5 FREE webinar POSTINGS! Try Webinara Now
Promo Code:

What is Webinara? 

Webinara is the world’s first platform dedicated to promoting webinars. Webinara provides an independent service for webinar hosts and its potential audience by facilitating category-based search and match across hundreds of special interests. 

As a navigator, aggregator and evangelist all in one, Webinara helps companies increase awareness and attendance for their webinars by providing users with notifications of upcoming events!

Benefits of using Webinara:

  • Increased awareness of your company and webinars
  • Increased number of attendees on each webinar
  • A dedicated registration page
  • Onstream Webinars integration 

 The World of Webinars 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, webinars are the most cost-effective marketing tactic. Thousands of webinars take place daily across the globe, in all languages, but many remain hidden from the public that are searching for such events - And Webinara has discovered a solution for this... 

Why Webinara? 

Kristian Haanes, Co-founder, developed the idea for Webinara due to the lack of an efficient ways to expand his own customer base of qualified attendees as a webinar host. Coupled with frustration in being able to centrally locate webinars to attend, the idea of a new site was born.

Most importantly, Webinara fills the gap as a webinar-centric website that is industry independent for which the webinar host is not required to use proprietary platforms and services. Webinara also fills the gap for webinar hosts wishing to expand their audiences.

So whether you are the Webinar host or participant, Webinara is here to help!
Get started now -

Not All Free Web Collaboration Services Are Created Equal


negativespace 21It’s not easy to find a free, trustworthy Web collaboration service. After all, there are many scams lurking on the Web masquerading as “freemium” products. And if you download and rely on them, they could lead to much more trouble than they are worth.

For example, you may come across a product that has a sleek, efficient interface, several enticing communications features and plenty of storage. You’ll start using the product, thinking it’s working great. But it will not provide any insight into the back-end network operations powering your system. You won’t see, for instance, where or how your data is being transmitted and stored. It won’t give you access to security updates. And the data you send over your network may even be sold to unauthorized third parties without your consent.

Further, many Web collaboration services use an illicit practice called traffic pumping to offer free conferencing services. Traffic pumping involves partnering with local telecommunications companies to route traffic through them, thus bypassing—and driving up costs—for long-distance operators. Traffic pumping is a direct violation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, but many companies engage in it and, unfortunately, it’s not always possible to spot.

Onstream Media is one company that is actively working to change free online collaboration for businesses. Onstream Media is an award-winning, industry-leading organization dedicated to providing premium conferencing and collaboration software. Only now is it offering a free version of its software that has come to be recognized by its customers as a game-changing service.

Known as OnstreamMeetingsFree, the service provides end users with access to high-quality audio and video conferencing, as well as a full suite of embedded features that can be used to enhance presentations. 

Users also gain access to all of the support—and network visibility—they need to ensure that their data is safe and secure at all times.

Curious about how OnstreamMeetingsFree differs from the rest of its freemium competitors? Click here to download the software, and try it for yourself.

Introducing OnstreamMeetingsFree...


53210 infinite conference boxAs the old saying goes, “the best things in life are free” and yes this holds true for web conferencing as well. Onstream Media recently released its 100% free web conferencing service based on their award winning technology. The new service allows for up to 3 participants to enable their webcam, and is completely browser based. Some of the more attractive features include desktop sharing, recording, polling, Q&A, whiteboard, chat, Youtube integration and much more.




Ad Free and Straight Forward

Unlike other free conferencing services, OnstreamMeetingsFree is 100% ad free. That means no annoying pop up ads, or distracting banners. When you log on to OnstreamMeetingsFree, the only thing you should concentrate on is the meeting at hand-not advertisements.

With OnstreamMeetingsFree you will be accessing the exact award winning Onstream platform. You can expect the same interface, same features, and same great experience that you will find with other Onstream services. There are no surprises or gimmicks, just an unbeatable service with unsurpassed quality.

Effortless Collaboration

Creativity can spark at a moment’s notice. Why let a subpar web conferencing platform hinder your opportunity to collaborate? With OnstreamMeetingsFree you will never have to worry about poor communication quality. Enjoy crystal clear audio and video at all times so you can seamlessly collaborate on that next “big idea”.

Whether you are conducting a sales demo, employee training, or just want to brainstorm OnstreamMeetingsFree is the solution for you. OnstreamMeetingsFree facilitates productivity by offering many useful features. Share desktops, presentations, or videos all with a few clicks of your mouse.  

 No Credit Cards, No Problem

Signing up for OnstreamMeetingsFree is fast and simple. Just visit fill out the form and get instant access to unlimited meetings. It’s that easy! Your participants will not need an account to join the meeting either. As long as they have your personalized room link they can jump directly into the meeting.

 Connecting On-The-Go

If you are looking to collaborate quickly on the go, OnstreamMeetingsFree can accommodate. Just download the Onstream Webinars app to your Android or iOS device and you won't miss a second of any meeting.  

Unrelenting Security

OnstreamMeetingsFree comes standard with 256 bit SSL encryption which is the highest industry standard in security. Rest assured that your sensitive information will be safe on OnstreamMeetingsFree. As an added security feature, meetings can be set to private and require customized passwords for all participants. 

Be sure to signup today for your OnstreamMeetingsFree account!







Five Free Office Tools That Can Benefit Your Business


free picYour business needs access to premium online services to facilitate daily communications and internal processes. What it doesn’t need is the burden of taking on thousands of dollars worth of licensing fees.

Instead, here are five “freemium” office tools that you can use to ensure that your business needs don’t cut into your bottom line: 

1. Google: Considered by most end users to be the crown jewel of free office products, Google has it all—including safe, user-friendly email (with enough storage for business use) as well as document creation, storage and sharing. Google also has social services with Google Hangouts, video distribution through YouTube and more.

2. WordPress: Thinking of starting a blog? You should if you’re looking to stay at the top of the Google search rankings. Your first stop should be WordPress, a free, professional-grade blogging platform used by most businesses today. You can embed WordPress directly into your business’s website for seamless access with your other pages. Another blogging service you should check out is Weebly.

3. Wave: Wave is a financial application that your business can use to obtain free invoicing, receipts, accounting and finance services. Additional services are available for $9 per month, too. By using Wave, you can automate many of the processes you would typically put into the hands of an accounting team. It’s great for small businesses operating on a budget.

4. Trello: If you’re outsourcing any of your business’s operations, you’ll need to communicate with your vendors on a regular basis—and Trello is one project management platform that you can use to exchange messages, documents and other media files.

5. Onstream Meetings: Looking for real-time video, text or audio chatting? If so, look into Onstream Media’s new free Web conferencing service. Using Onstream, you and your team members can exchange and edit documents, as well as media files, in real time. And you’ll also gain access to high quality—and secure—media transfers, too.

What Kind Of Web Conferencing Consumer Are You?


IMG 4893Web conferencing can be a tricky subject. With lots of different providers out there, how do you know which is the right solution for you?  There are 3 categories that you will most likely find yourself in when searching for a webinar conferencing provider:


1.)The Novice. Don’t worry, everyone needs to start somewhere. As you will quickly learn there are a lot of key words and phrases that are used in this industry. Do not get flustered if you don’t know the difference between a webcast and webinar…it’s okay, we’ve all been there.  Chances are you’re looking for a platform that is quick to set up and easy to use. Onstream Meetings Free might be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Great for quick impromptu meetings
  • Up to 3 Webcams enabled
  • High quality collaboration session
  • No credit cards, no limitations
  • Completely free.

 Click here to sign up for your free account today.


2.) The Tech Savvy IT Manager. You’ve been in the IT game for a long time now. Nothing gets past you and your department that doesn’t meet their demanding standards. If it isn’t secure, reliable, and complimented with 24/7 support, you don’t want it anywhere near your office. Well luckily for you Onstream Webinars just may be your solution. Onstream Webinars is 128 bit SSL encrypted and comes with RTMPE (Real Time Messaging Protocol Encryption) for added security. The 100% browser based and download free platform makes it easy for the entire office to use. That way you can focus on something other than your web conferencing solution. When you do run into any questions, Onstream Media is there to help, always. With 24/7 support your questions will never go unanswered. To sign up for a free 30 day trial of Onstream Webinars click here.


3.) “My Boss Told Me to Find A Webinar Provider and Now I’m Here”  Welcome to the club! You are definitely not alone. Maybe you have had some experience with web conferencing before or perhaps you are just testing out different platforms for your company. Whichever the case, Onstream Webinars is a great solution for you. Need customized branding? Registration page? Screen sharing? Chat? Polling? Q&A? Whiteboard? Recordings? Well with Onstream Webinars, you’ll easily find all of these features plus many more. The best part is you can test Onstream Webinars free for 30 days. No credit cards required. Click here to register for your trial.


Great for lead generation, demos, training and more, Onstream Webinars is a great solution for everyone. From novice to webinar expert our platform can prove to be a valuable asset to your organization. For more information please visit or call us at 1.888.353.3094 

Transitioning Into an IoT Provider? Make Sure Your Customers Are On Board


describe the imageRight now, your brand is undergoing a massive transformation as many of its core products become IP-enabled. The Internet of Things (IoT)—or the global movement that will result in billions of ordinary objects and systems connecting to the Web— has come to your enterprise. As a result, your company is rebranding itself as a provider of next-generation solutions.

But, do your customers fully understand why your company is embracing IoT technology? Don’t assume that they do! A vast majority of people are still struggling to comprehend its basic parameters. This lack of awareness is widely prevalent, affecting even our nation’s top brass in Washington, according to Fortune Magazine.

Moving forward, education must, therefore, remain a core part of your IoT marketing strategy. Show your customers how manufacturing connected devices will ultimately lead to better products and personalized, data-driven customer experiences. The more you educate your customers, the more they will see how IoT technology is something they should get excited about and welcome from your brand.

One way that you can educate your customers about your new IoT products is by hosting educational webinars on a regular basis. By hosting educational webinars, you can walk your customers through the basics of your connected solutions and also open the floor to comprehensive Q&A sessions with members of your marketing department, C-suite and design teams.

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Webinars
, a leading webinar services provider, can provide your business with the platform it needs to deliver first-class educational presentations.

Frustrated With Your Business’s Web Collaboration Software? You’re Not Alone!


SplitShire 5069 1800x1200 970x500There’s nothing worse than feeling like your online business meeting is at the mercy of your unpredictable Web collaboration software. Buggy, outdated and inefficient software can send the wrong message to your client: that your business lacks the necessary technology to consistently perform at a high level.

Is your business facing this problem with its current Web collaboration software? If so, it’s not alone. Research from Ovum shows that 66 percent of buyers are in the market for a new Web collaboration tool.

Why are so many organizations unhappy with their current Web collaboration software? According to Ovum, 42 percent of users want a better user experience, 19 percent want reduced license and server costs and 9 percent want better features (like file and screen sharing). The fact is that many Web conferencing solutions—particularly the free ones—are extremely limited in their offerings. Many don’t offer the necessary communications tools for effectively conveying ideas between end users.

So, where should you look for answers?

Onstream Meetings is a great place to start. Its browser-based cloud conferencing platform, Onstream Media, combines over 100 features into a user-friendly interface. Using Onstream Media’s all-in-one Web collaboration platform makes it easy for end users to share and edit documents while engaging in crystal-clear audio, text and video chats.

It’s a well-rounded platform that will provide your business with all of the tools it needs to facilitate high-quality meetings online. 

Click here to learn more about how Onstream Meetings can provide your business with a leading Web collaboration tool.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Clear Communication During Webinars


computers keyboards macbook colors 2560x1600 wallpaper 12What do you do when you want to feature a guest presenter in your webinar but he or she speaks broken English? It’s one of the dilemmas you may face as a marketer when planning webinars that involve experts in a particular subject matter.

After all, the guest speaker could be a major industry influencer who encapsulates a compelling use case for the rest of your customers. Yet the last thing you want to do is to put someone in the spotlight who will have difficulty communicating his or her ideas with your customers.

If this problem arises, it’s important to remember the primary reasons for hosting a webinar: to captivate your leads and drive sales. This should inform your decision making. After all, even one of the most exciting speakers in the world will do little to advance your goals if your audience can’t understand what he or she is saying. 

In fact, if nobody can understand the moderator, your webinar will most likely experience high exit rates and poor reviews.

Here’s what you can do to skirt this problem:

If you really want to have this industry expert speak, request a pre-recorded interview and use closed captioning to ensure attendees can understand what is being said on the screen. This way, your customers can easily follow along—which also opens the door to inviting the speaker to present in his or her own native tongue.

If the guest speaker is not open to conducting a pre-recorded interview, it’s better to share his or her insight in the form of a written statement.

Have you ever come across this problem during a webinar? We want to hear your suggestions for dealing with the issue.

How Do You Care For Your Disabled Customers?


download (4)Meet one of your customers, Joe. Joe is profoundly hard of hearing, which means he is incapable of registering any sound under 91 decibels. This means that it is very difficult—if not impossible—to communicate with Joe over the telephone.  

Customers like Joe have the same pressing needs as any other patron , though. So how can you serve them without using the telephone?

The answer is through Web conferencing. By using a Web conferencing platform like Onstream Meetings, you can use a combination of text and video chatting tools to exchange information in real-time. When leveraging video conferencing, a customer service agent can carry on a meaningful conversation by utilizing sign language, a tactic that would prove futile over the phone.  

Onstream also makes it easy to exchange a variety of graphics, which can enhance dialogue and make it easier for customers to understand information as it comes from an agent. These graphics can be easily stored in a cloud-based content library, so that agents can extract them with little to no hassle during a conversation.

That’s not all Onstream can provide, though. In tapping the company’s closed captioning service, you can also make it easier for those with disabilities to understand your live webinars and webcasts. This is especially useful for federal organizations, or those seeking federal funding, that must offer such services to remain in compliance with sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

So, do you have the ability to offer first class customer service for your customers? Click here to get started with Onstream Media today.

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