Study Shows IT Professionals Hesitant About Embracing Skype for Business

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Jul 02, 2015 @ 10:04 AM

Skype for Business is currently receiving a lot of mainstream media attention as one of the newest online meetings solutions on the market.

As the premium version of the free Skype audio and video communication software, Skype for Business comes with promises like higher-quality data transfers and up to 250 people at a time on a conference (as opposed to 25 on Skype).

Despite these benefits, however, a new study from No Jitter shows that Skype for Business adoption is slow among IT professionals.

According to the study, just 27 percent of the 540 enterprise IT professionals surveyed are using Skype for Business for voice purposes. As well, 46 percent of users will take three or more years to fully implement Skype for Business onto their networks. And 20 percent have no interest whatsoever in using Skype for Business in the near future.

While it remains to be seen whether Skype for Business adoption will increase in the future, the truth is that right now there are many other competitive solutions available on the market that you can use to improve communication and productivity in your enterprise. It’s possible to obtain software that comes with more features, better security and a fully customizable layout.

Onstream Meetings is one such product that you should look into; a browser-based communication and collaboration platform, Onstream Meetings comes with over 100 features. It’s also highly scalable, so you can use the same platform that you utilize for Web conferencing for larger webinars with up to 500 users at a time. That’s twice as many as you can fit on Skype for Business.

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