Introducing OnstreamMeetingsFree...

Posted by Adam Kipnis on Tue, Sep 15, 2015 @ 01:19 PM

As the old saying goes, “the best things in life are free” and yes this holds true for web conferencing as well. Onstream Media recently released its 100% free web conferencing service based on their award winning technology. The new service allows for up to 3 participants to enable their webcam, and is completely browser based. Some of the more attractive features include desktop sharing, recording, polling, Q&A, whiteboard, chat, Youtube integration and much more.

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What Kind Of Web Conferencing Consumer Are You?

Posted by Adam Kipnis on Wed, Aug 19, 2015 @ 01:17 PM

Web conferencing can be a tricky subject. With lots of different providers out there, how do you know which is the right solution for you?  There are 3 categories that you will most likely find yourself in when searching for a webinar conferencing provider:

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