Three Ways Your Current Webinar Platform Is Impacting Your Brand

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Jun 04, 2015 @ 10:38 AM

It’s often said that it takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and only a few minutes to destroy it. This is true of person, place and thing, and it more than aptly applies to the quality of your company’s webinars. Your company works hard every day to maintain an image that consistently reflects your brand in the best possible light. All it takes to tarnish it, unfortunately, is one poorly executed webinar (i.e., one that suffers from low video quality or poor functionality).

Consider, therefore, whether your current webinar services are helping or hurting your organization’s efforts to build a strong brand image. Here are three reasons your webinars should be high-quality representations of your brand:

They live forever: A webinar may only last for an hour, but it will continue to live on your site long after it’s completed. Remember that as much as a webinar is a sales presentation, it’s also an asset that customers will use to learn about your brand and your industry. For this reason, it’s critical that you create something of which you are proud.

They impact your bottom line: While a professional webinar can greatly impact sales, a poorly designed webinar can scare customers away and send them to your competitors. Make sure that your webinar services are helping to increase your bottom line. 

They impact future webinar attendance: Aside from generating sales, you also want customers to sign up for future events to build repeat visitors. It only takes one bad webinar that wastes attendees’ time or offers little value to prevent them from coming back again.

Onstream Webinars is one provider that can ensure a professional webinar presentation every time through the following offerings, as well as over 100 features

  • Professional event management
  • Application, desktop, and video sharing
  • An extensive content library
  • Whiteboard and markup capabilities for a “virtual classroom” feel


Put poorly run webinars in the past with a professional solution that creates professional looking and sounding webinars that you’ll be proud to archive on your website.

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