It’s Time for Spring Cleaning: Start With Your Office Communications Platform

Posted by Sabrina George on Fri, May 22, 2015 @ 11:18 AM

Now that winter is officially behind us, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and engage in some old-fashioned spring cleaning around the office. We suggest you start by dusting off your business’s communications infrastructure, focusing on your webinar services. Why focus your “upgrade” here? As a customer-facing portal, your webinar platform impacts the interactions your customers have with your brand. So it’s vital that this platform is user-friendly (meaning easy to navigate, understand and access), reliable and professional looking. If you are using an outdated, bug-ridden model, customers will undoubtedly be wary of doing business with your organization.

So, as you sweep out the deep corners of your webinar platform, determine whether you need to upgrade your solution. Compare it with an advanced browser-based platform like Onstream Webinars, which will provide your customers with a first-class digital experience. Onstream Webinars can be easily accessed over any standard Web browser, regardless of what device (be it desktop or mobile platform) your customers are using. Furthermore, Onstream Webinars can easily scale up to 500 users, meaning that your system will not crash in the middle of a presentation. 

In addition, Onstream is equipped with more than 100 features that you can use to enhance your presentation—like multimedia; multiple chat options including audio, text and video; and even real-time synchronized transitions to enhance the performance of your presentations.

It’s a new season, so take the time to make a change and improve your business’s communications platform. Click here to learn how your business can embrace the power of Onstream Webinars today.


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