Don’t Make Your Attendees Jump Through Hoops To Log Into Your Online Meetings

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Jul 07, 2015 @ 03:32 PM

Your meeting was supposed to start several minutes ago. Unfortunately, three of your attendees are still trying to find their way to the right bridge. Your system is confusing, and as a result your customers are getting frustrated—and time is being wasted.


It’s worth asking: What good is a conferencing system if customers can’t even dial in when it’s time for a meeting? This is especially true when time is of the essence; most people have tight schedules, and can’t afford to waste precious minutes. It’s for this reason that many business leaders are abandoning their traditional conferencing technologies in favor of Web conferencing platforms that make it easier to log in by entering simple authentication credentials.


A recent study from Software Advice, for instance, shows that 56 percent of respondents believe that PIN-less entry solutions would make it much easier to hold online meetings. The same study also shows that the number one benefit of hosting a browser-based Web conference is that the meeting can start quicker.


So, it’s time to invest in a Web conferencing solution like Onstream Meetings; that is, a browser-based platform that can be easily accessed by entering a name, and a password (if the moderator so desires). Onstream Meetings comes with quick, effortless logins so your meetings can get started in no time at all. It’s a much better solution than wondering when—and if—attendees will be able to log into a bridge at all.


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