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Posted by Sabrina George on Fri, Jun 26, 2015 @ 03:07 PM

Think of how secure it feels to close the door behind you when entering an important boardroom meeting, thus ensuring complete privacy for your discussion. In a closed-door environment, you and your team can share information and strategize without having to worry about anyone eavesdropping.

This same feeling of seclusion should be de rigueur when engaging in Web conferencing. The reality, however, is that the Internet is nothing like your company’s private boardroom; it’s tremendously unsecure, and without adequate protection of the data shared during a Web conference, your company stands a good chance of that data being compromised by cybercriminals. Consider the fact that, in 2014, there were almost 1.5 billion global cyberattacks launched from online resources. Even with technology like a firewall in place, data can be stolen during a file transfer. Ultimately, no company is safe online today.

So, how can you maintain privacy and confidently share information among team members in such an unstable digital environment? The key is to make sure that your Web conferencing platform is protected by a strong encryption service that can render your data unrecognizable, and unusable, to hackers. Encryption scrambles plain text and other data so that only an authorized recipient can decode it.

This process makes encryption ideal for protecting many different types of data, such as:

Business plans: The last thing you want is for information related to upcoming product launches, budgetary changes or internal affairs to leak onto the Web. If your team is sending sensitive information, make sure it is encrypted.

Personal data: Organizations must be extra careful when transmitting customers’ private information-- such as Social Security and credit card numbers and health information—online. This is critical for staying in compliance with regulations mandated by the Payment Card Industry’s Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Onstream Meetings ensures security with every data transfer by using an advanced 128-bit encryption protocol. This solution automatically protects each conversation, so that encryption is transparent to the end user.

More information about Onstream’s advanced Web conferencing features can be found here.

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