Why a Digital Collaboration Suite Is a Great Team-Building Tool

Posted by Sabrina George on Fri, Jul 17, 2015 @ 10:06 AM

The next time you watch a baseball game, pay attention to what happens when a catcher and a pitcher are having a problem on the diamond. You’ll see the catcher walk out to the mound perhaps, and the two players will have a face-to-face discussion until they work out their differences and play can resume. This interaction typically takes place without the involvement of the team manager or anyone else. 

This is a great example of how it can often be instrumental for collaboration among team members when a manager steps back and lets ideas flow among staff without getting directly involved. This saves time and establishes camaraderie among workers. Sure, group-wide team building initiatives (like activities and meetings) should take place at regular intervals; it’s critical, however, that employees feel like they can simply approach one another and communicate individually as well.

Web conferencing is one solution that can help your team members build trust and work together among themselves. Whether two workers are sitting right next to one another, or they are located on opposite sides of the country, a Web conferencing solution like Onstream Meetings allows employees to exchange information in real time in a variety of different ways—from text to video to audio chatting.

Web conferencing is also a critical team-building tool that will garner especial appreciation from your millennials; that is, a generation that grew up using platforms like Facebook and Skype to communicate. Younger workers want the ability to quickly exchange information in real time without having to schedule a formal meeting.

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