How Can I Repurpose My Webinar After It Ends?

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Jul 16, 2015 @ 03:33 PM

Attendees are exiting your webinar; the show is over. What comes next? While some hosts choose to make their webinars can’t-miss, one-time-only events, the truth is that there are many ways to squeeze more mileage out of a presentation once it has concluded. A webinar services provider like Onstream Webinars, for instance, will make it possible to download your webinars so you can repurpose them to provide added value.

Here are some strategies you can use:


Post the webinar on YouTube: It won’t cost anything to offer a free stream of your webinar on YouTube. This way, customers can download the video at any time. The only downside to this strategy is that customers may be less inclined to tune in to your presentation in real time. Why adhere to your schedule if they can download the presentation when it is more convenient to do so? If you want to put the video on YouTube, offer an incentive for logging into the live version.


Create a gated asset: Many companies choose to make their webinars available for download on their main websites in exchange for providing basic contact information. You can then follow up with contacts in an attempt to drive sales.

Send it to targeted leads: Package your webinar as a downloadable file and send it to your list of leads along with a personal invitation to a new upcoming webinar. This is a great strategy for generating extra traffic and creating more interest for the new asset.

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