Customer Service: A Pressing Need in the Technology Industry

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Jul 28, 2015 @ 09:58 AM

Your business is a brand new technology startup with the potential to offer groundbreaking products and/or services. But first your business needs to win the confidence of its customer base.  

How do you do this? You need to focus on providing an outstanding customer experience in addition to providing first-class deliverables.  

Here’s why: Customer service has become one of the most pressing demands in business today—and this is true across just about every industry. After all, consider the results of a 2014 Parature study that shows that 65 percent of customers have cut ties with a brand following a poor customer service experience.

With technology solutions, in particular, the need for strong customer service is paramount, as customer frustrations are often heightened by product complexities.

Over the next few years, the need to accommodate consumers will skyrocket as the number of connected devices proliferates. Real-time connectivity comes with the expectation of real-time customer service, which is why many companies are now innovating to make customer service more accessible. Look at Amazon’s Mayday Kindle, for instance, which allows users to contact customer service representatives with the push of a button.

One easy and affordable way that technology companies can provide a stellar customer experience is by investing in online meetings. Through the use of an online meetings suite like Onstream Meetings, customer service representatives can communicate with customers using a variety of different chat options like audio, text and video. Onstream also makes it easy to communicate by allowing end users to exchange (and even edit) a variety of multimedia documents over a shared screen.

So, do you have a next-generation customer service strategy in place?


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