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Posted by Adam Kipnis on Tue, Dec 01, 2015 @ 01:36 PM

Popular review sites can be a helpful tool for consumers who are in the market for a conference call provider. Most review sites compare top services and prices while contributing feedback. These sites establish trust and are considered a generally reliable tool for consumers. Unbeknownst to the public however, are glaring biases that many review sites are guilty of.  

Not all reviews sites are created equal

 When searching for a conference call provider there is certain inarguable criterion that is necessary for the consumer to understand. Popular review sites today seem to leave out vital information which can severely impact the consumers’ decision.

If someone who is new to teleconferencing wants to search for a vendor, they should be given fair and accurate information. Below is a list of the questions consumers should be asking potential vendors.

 What to look for in a teleconferencing review

  •  Types of service provided: Toll, Toll-Free, Global-Access, VoIP or PSTN?

Although in essence teleconferencing is a seemingly simple concept, the difference between services is monumental. For example choosing a provider which utilizes a VoIP bridge system not only means reliable service, but it can be easily scalable and more price efficient compared to a PSTN system. Knowing what type of bridge your vendor uses can help you in the long run.

  •  Customer Support: Phone, email, online, live chat, “*0”, 24/7?

Not being able to get the support you need is infuriating. Unfortunately not all vendors provide 24/7 support, therefore understanding the kind of support that is available is crucial.

  •  Deployment, Migration included?

The logistical aspect of switching conferencing vendors can be a difficult undertaking. Be sure to check with your provider to see how they accommodate service migrations.

  •  Integrated Web Conferencing Services?

Pairing teleconferencing services with a web conferencing tool can be a very helpful solution for your organization. Consider a provider that offers full web conferencing integration.

  •  Recording Capabilities? Hidden limitations?

Understanding what kinds of features are offered is important. Features can vary by each provider so have an idea of what you are looking for prior to your search.

  •  Account management portal for administrative users?

Take control of your account with dedicated admin portals. This feature makes it easy to manage calls, track billing and more.

  •  Any hidden fees?

Sadly, there are conferencing providers who are notorious for charging their customers hidden fees. Always be up front with your potential vendor about any hidden or undisclosed costs.

  •  Infrastructure, reliability, quality, and scale?

This is a very core set of standards regarding teleconferencing providers. Conducting proper research in these areas is the important because it is the basis of ensuring a quality teleconferencing experience. Research these aspects thoroughly before signing with a vendor. 

  •  How detailed are their invoices?

Having a simple to read invoice allows you to properly manage expectations and analyze costs. The information should be detailed and not confusing. Always request a sample.

  •  Payment options: PO, check, credit card?

Not all conferencing providers accept the same types of payment. Verify which payment options work best for you and your organization.

  •  Pricing models?

Most teleconferencing providers offer both subscription and per minute options. Some also charge per call or per event or even per user. In some cases, the toll-free rate differs from the toll-only rate, so be sure to read the fine print.

  •  Commitments?

In order to secure the best rate, many providers will require that you enter into an agreement. This is most common with tier one conferencing providers.

  •  Detailed usage reports?

Used to track and analyze calls. Certain providers will charge a reporting fee which can quickly add up.

Teleconferencing review sites can provide useful information for any organization, regardless of size. Don’t waste time or money by asking the wrong questions. Make sure you have a clear idea of what features and services your company needs and always compare several different providers.  

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