Conferencing: Access From the Boardroom to the Courtroom

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Jun 29, 2015 @ 02:48 PM

When you think of online meetings, chances are likely that corporate use cases come to mind first.  But as many organizations are proving, Web conferencing can fulfill a variety of other needs as well.

Take, for instance, the State of Michigan, which has been steadily increasing its use of videoconferencing in courtrooms since 2010. Now, the court system has high-definition video technologies installed in probate, district and circuit courts across all 83 of the state’s counties, and 78 counties are now equipped with videoconferencing in every courtroom. A total of 417 courtrooms across the state are equipped with videoconferencing services.

How is videoconferencing helping the state? Perhaps most notably, it allows the state to review inmates’ cases without having to transport them to a facility. This results in direct cost savings, as the state can spend less on gas and reduce wear and tear on state-owned automobiles. In total, the state has saved over $5 million since expanding its videoconferencing technologies.

Further, the state is able to re-allocate deputy sheriffs instead of using them to protect courtrooms from dangerous criminals. This reduces travel for public officials, too.

As this case shows, it’s very exciting to see videoconferencing expanding within the public sector. Any time the state is able to save money, after all, it means that taxpayer dollars can be put to better use.

Whether you are in the private or public sector, consider how videoconferencing can benefit your organization. Click here for more information about how Onstream Meetings can help.


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