Top 6 Benefits of Archiving Webinars

Posted by Adam Kipnis on Mon, Oct 12, 2015 @ 11:52 AM

Looking to strategically revamp your marketing and promotional efforts? Consider the many benefits associated with hosting and archiving your own custom webinars. Not only can you create brand awareness and reach a global audience, it is cost effective and can increase ROI.


Here are the top 6 benefits of archiving webinars: 

1.)    Unlimited Audience

Most webinars are limited in terms of the amount of live attendees. By archiving your web based events, you can reach a larger audience with half of the work.

2.)    Bigger Payoff

Get the extra cost mileage out of your content. Don’t waste valuable time and money producing new content when your content can be accessed indefinitely.

3.)    Learn From Past Events

Archiving events allows you and your team to internally critique past webinars. Analyze and implement new techniques to optimize your next webinar.

4.)    Re-purposing for Future Use

Use archived Webinars as material for future productions. The point isn't to recycle all of your old material per se, but rather use them as a starting point for future webinars. 

5.)    Maximize ROI

Keeping webinars online and available to view can garner potential leads each day. Let your content work for you by keeping it accessible.

6.)    Audience Convenience

By archiving webinars you allow audience members who were unable to attend the live event the opportunity to watch it at a later date. Giving the audience an on-demand option speaks admirably about your brand!


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