What to Do When Your Online Meeting Goes Awry

Posted by Sabrina George on Wed, Apr 08, 2015 @ 09:41 AM

Your team is struggling to communicate an idea to a client during an online meeting and, as a result, the customer is not happy. Now, time is running out to convince your customer that your team can get the job done before he or she hangs up and moves on.

As this example shows, not all online meetings go as planned; clients will react differently than anticipated. In the event that an online meeting goes awry, you must have the ability to change course while communicating your ideas clearly and effectively with co-workers and clients.

You may, in other words, need to include a video or a picture that you have on file to convey your thought in a different way than you had originally planned. Or, you may want to introduce an audio clip. In addition, you may decide to draw a quick diagram of your proposal for your client to visualize. In any event, you should make sure that you have an entire arsenal of ideas to use during your interaction.

The strength of your online meetings platform—meaning its ease of use, speed, reliability, appearance and tool kit—will go a long way in helping you brainstorm with clients over the Web. Your platform should make sharing multimedia completely seamless. The easier it is to exchange information and work together as a team in real time, the closer you will be to meeting the high expectations of your clients.

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