Is Your Conferencing Software Baby-Boomer-Friendly?

Posted by Sabrina George on Wed, Jun 24, 2015 @ 09:03 AM

Recently, we’ve been focusing our attention on ways you can attract millennials—those young adults born after 1980—to your business. It’s equally as important, however, to focus on whether or not your business has the communications solutions necessary to also attract older American workers, like baby boomers.

After all, millennials may be the rising stars of tomorrow but senior staff members are every bit as important to your organization for the knowledge, expertise and industry connections they bring to the table.  

Consider, if you will, the example of Sandy: Sandy is a saleswoman with more than 20 years of experience under her belt who is interested in working for your company—and the feeling is mutual. As a well-respected professional with many industry connections, Sandy has more than just a salary requirement when she considers your offer; she has a reputation to uphold. Based on this, she will want the option of working with the best conferencing software available. Why is this? The software and equipment she uses needs to be as strong as her ability to sell products. She can’t be held back by problems like a lack of file-sharing tools or poor-quality video transmissions. 

Don’t be susceptible to the hype out there inferring that only millennials demand the latest technology tools—especially for communications. Your older workers have the same technology needs as your entry-level staff. And employees from age groups could be willing to jump ship if your company does not meet them. In fact, one in four employees would consider leaving their current company in favor of one that offers better technology.

Onstream Meetings’ premium conferencing service simplifies enterprise communications by providing a single platform that employees can use to communicate with customers and with other team members.

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