Why Your Millennial Employees Aren’t Using Your Communications Solution

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Jul 14, 2015 @ 04:22 PM

Your company spent a lot of money investing in a digital communications suite so that your employees could connect and collaborate among themselves. Unfortunately, none of your younger employees are using this platform, preferring instead to utilize private services to exchange boatloads of important data.

If you’re struggling to understand why your employees aren’t using your in-house software, just think about how the majority of today’s young workers (meaning those born after 1980) have been exposed to modern communication tools their entire lives. This is a generation (namely, millennial) that was raised in a digital communications landscape that was constantly changing.

From the early days of real-time Internet chatting via AOL Instant Messenger back in the 1990s to the variety of advanced mobile suites available today (like Facebook, iChat, Line, Skype and more), millennials have become adept at switching platforms with ease. Simply put, they choose to communicate via the most convenient (and inexpensive—or free) services available.

This presents a problem for your business: The last thing you want is for your employees to be engaging in online meetings across disparate platforms. Just think of the security issues this presents. Do you really want your employees’ business contacts residing next to friends and family? This could make it very easy to send sensitive information to the wrong person by accident. Furthermore, many communications platforms in use today store data offsite in unsecure servers and could pose significant privacy concerns.

So how can you get your young workers to stop engaging in third-party communications platforms? Offer them a platform that is easy to use, and that comes with an enticing suite of features that differentiate it from other leading products.

Onstream Meetings is a browser-based digital communications platform that can help you accomplish this seemingly impossible task.  It’s easy to log into over any Web browser, requires no installation, and comes with over 100 features—including the ability to seamlessly switch between audio, video and text-based chat.

You can learn more about Onstream Meetings here.


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