What Do You Think About Our New Partner, Webinara?

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Sep 22, 2015 @ 12:06 PM


Welcoming Webinara 

Webinars have a new cheerleader - and it's Webinara, a brand new website and evangelist for all things webinar, launched last month out of Oslo, Norway. Have a look at their site, Webinara.com, where your feedback is truly welcomed by the founders!

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What is Webinara? 

Webinara is the world’s first platform dedicated to promoting webinars. Webinara provides an independent service for webinar hosts and its potential audience by facilitating category-based search and match across hundreds of special interests. 

As a navigator, aggregator and evangelist all in one, Webinara helps companies increase awareness and attendance for their webinars by providing users with notifications of upcoming events!

Benefits of using Webinara:

  • Increased awareness of your company and webinars
  • Increased number of attendees on each webinar
  • A dedicated registration page
  • Onstream Webinars integration 

 The World of Webinars 

According to the Content Marketing Institute, webinars are the most cost-effective marketing tactic. Thousands of webinars take place daily across the globe, in all languages, but many remain hidden from the public that are searching for such events - And Webinara has discovered a solution for this... 

Why Webinara? 

Kristian Haanes, Co-founder, developed the idea for Webinara due to the lack of an efficient ways to expand his own customer base of qualified attendees as a webinar host. Coupled with frustration in being able to centrally locate webinars to attend, the idea of a new site was born.

Most importantly, Webinara fills the gap as a webinar-centric website that is industry independent for which the webinar host is not required to use proprietary platforms and services. Webinara also fills the gap for webinar hosts wishing to expand their audiences.

So whether you are the Webinar host or participant, Webinara is here to help!
Get started now - www.webinara.com

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