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The Benefits of Web Meetings in Place of Face-to-Face Meetings

Posted by Sabrina George on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 11:17 AM

Some business professionals still feel that face-to-face contact is the only good way to build solid business relationships. These relationships are essential to the success of many businesses. However, the use of the Internet and social media networks has expanded the reach of businesses and allows them to interact with potential clients and business partners across the globe. Just like with face-to-face meetings, these meetings occur in real time and allow your users to interact with each other.

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Advantages of Web Conferencing

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Dec 06, 2011 @ 03:21 PM

One of the most groundbreaking developments in communications technology in recent years is Web conferencing. An essential component of virtually any type of business, Web conferencing can enhance the effectiveness of your communication while helping you keep costs down. Since a large part of the cost of running a business is travel expenses and time, Web conferencing is particularly suited for helping you manage costs. This is because such capabilities allow you to hold meetings without having to incur the costs of travel. This in itself can have a beneficial impact on your bottom line, while increasing productivity and enhancing efficiency as well.

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Why Conduct An Operator Assisted Call?

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 @ 11:00 AM

Any business owner or organization will benefit greatly from an enhanced flow of communication, and that is exactly what an operator assisted call provides. Since most businesses routinely rely on teleconferencing, operator assisted calling can be an invaluable aid in facilitating contact for both existing and potential customers.

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10 Reasons Why Virtual Events Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by Sabrina George on Fri, Nov 11, 2011 @ 03:13 AM

Virtual events are some of the hottest developments in the online business world. Offering a number of advantages over traditional marketing methods, such events can benefit your business in many different ways. Here's a list of ten ways by which virtual events can be beneficial to you.

1.  They enable you to reach a wider audience. Thanks to viral marketing solutions such as social media, the Internet, online press releases, and various other forms of online advertising, you will be able to reach more people easily.

2.  They are generally inexpensive. Whether you are the host or an attendee, it will cost you very little to take part in a virtual event.

3.  They do not require you to travel. Since they can be accessed from anywhere, you may attend virtual events from your own home or office.

4.  Virtual events can be repurposed. By recording and archiving your virtual events, you will be able to use them for whatever purposes you see fit at a future date.

5.  They can help you generate leads. Since these events enable you to collect information for your database, they will provide you with essential information for lead generation.

6.  They provide you with instant feedback. With the use of tools such as polls and surveys, you will gain valuable information with regard to what the participants think about the event.

7.  They enable you to share documents and other materials more easily. This will allow participants to get the most out of the event.

8.  Virtual events are better on the environment since they use fewer resources.

9.  They help increase your revenue, by giving you more opportunities to sell your products and services.

10.  Finally, virtual events enhance productivity by allowing your staff to spend more time in the office instead of planning and traveling.
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A Quick Guide to Better PowerPoint Presentations

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Nov 08, 2011 @ 04:41 PM

Clear, concise, and visually stimulating – these are the three main attributes of an authoritative PowerPoint presentation that will instill your message into the viewer's mind.  We all face information overload every day. This is why most people only briefly scan an email message. They read the first sentence, the last sentence, and possibly a few sentences in the middle. Keep this thought in might as you develop your PowerPoint presentation. Make your presentation powerful without bombarding the viewers with more information at one time than they are prepared to receive.

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How to Promote Your Webinar

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Nov 03, 2011 @ 01:13 PM

If you have read our article “The Do’s and Don’ts of Webinars”, you probably have a strong foundation for getting your first Onstream Media webinar assembled. A solid topic, salient speaking points, a good title, an engaging presenter; everything you need for success, except the most important item: An audience.

It’s as fundamental as your topic that you have set up a solid plan for getting the old adage into play: “If you build it, they will come.”  This happens through several relatively easy, inexpensive routes that market and promote your webinar, namely through use of the Internet and print media.

You will want to leverage your inclusion in social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Yahoo Groups to give the who, what, where and when of your webinar.  Targeted audiences like those already in your online social groups are tailor-made to the topic you will be presenting.  Use those same online resources to advertise calendar events, and Twitter teasers and firm dates to the webinars.  Do not overdo it; you don’t want your well-meaning reminders to become a burden to your social groups.

Personally invite your closest colleagues, mentors, customers and contacts through email or regular mail.  If you choose regular mail, set a date a week ahead and remind the recipients by email.  Be sure to mention your webinar event on your company’s home page, and provide a link to register.

Advertise in trade publications, print and online newsletters, and be sure to avail yourself of the power of the press release, both on your own website and on those of industry information sites.  If you are in a tradeshow before the webinar, hand out flyers with pertinent information, the most important of which is the when and how to register. Be sure to use free (or low-priced) sites such as Eventspan, Webinarlistings and Webinarbase to get the word out to as many targeted folks as possible.

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The Three Key Elements of Collaboration

Posted by Sabrina George on Fri, Oct 28, 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Virtual business applications are becoming essential elements for a business. When an organization uses web conference as a communication tool, they gain a competitive edge. The company is able to be flexible, respond instantly to a potential problem and is able to lead market changes, instead of following trends.

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The Yes and No of Webinars

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Oct 27, 2011 @ 10:56 AM

Hosting a webinar can seem like a potentially daunting experience, especially if you have never undertaken one yourself. Professionals can help you make your webinars seamless and rewarding both for you and your audience.

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The Benefits of Buying Web Conferencing Through Infinite

Posted by Sabrina George on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 01:33 PM

Whether a business is a small organization just starting out or a large corporation on the verge of going international, reliable web conferencing is an important aspect of today’s business. Clients, employees, and investors are frequently scattered across the globe. The ability to conduct presentations, board meetings, and webinars on the Internet with all of the richness of a face-to-face meeting is a competitive advantage in many markets. Purchasing web conferencing from Infinite provides companies with this advantage.

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How Does Video Conferencing Help Small Businesses?

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Oct 17, 2011 @ 09:24 AM

Small businesses, telecommuters, and independent contractors who have given video conferencing a try-out find the tool to be a cost-saving means of connecting team members for improved communication and collaboration. Video conferencing abilities forge a strengthened team environment among contributors no matter where they’re located.

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Onstream Media Earns Place in Streaming Media 100

Posted by Sabrina George on Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 11:59 AM

POMPANO BEACH, FL, October 11, 2011- Streaming Media magazine announced today that Infinite Conferencing's parent corporate, Onstream Media Corporation (NASDAQ: ONSM), a leading online service provider of live and on-demand corporate audio and web communications, virtual event technology, and social media marketing, is among the top 100 online video companies they have identified as the chief contributors and future architects of the video marketplace. This year’s Streaming Media 100 will be published in the October/November issue of the magazine, as well as the publication’s website at

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Choosing the Right Web Conferencing Tool

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Oct 11, 2011 @ 09:13 AM

A Practical Guide to Perfect Online Collaboration

The Internet has made numerous things possible. In the commercial aspect, companies find it convenient to hold meetings anywhere across the globe, thanks to the power of web conferencing tools. There is no more need to spend money on sending people to meet at a posh place to talk about the business if the negotiations can be done right at the convenience of every individual’s home. Truly, the power of communication that the internet presents through web conferencing tools makes business deals, negotiations, and discussions faster, cheaper, and more efficient.

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Upcoming Events

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Oct 10, 2011 @ 12:42 PM

It's Trade Show season and Infinite will be attending and exhibiting several shows before the end of 2011!

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Winning Webinar Tips

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Oct 06, 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Do you plan on investing time and money into designing an Onstream webinar but have no idea on how to make it successful? Here are seven excellent points to consider when planning your next webinar.

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8 Frequently Asked Questions about Infinite Conferencing

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Sep 29, 2011 @ 11:39 AM

Since our Support department is flooded with these questions on a regular basis, we wanted to take a few minutes to answer our eight most asked questions for this week's blast.

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The Benefits of a Webinar For Building Customer Lists

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Sep 19, 2011 @ 10:53 AM

Nowadays, there are numerous tools available to the typical business owner for reaching out to a wider audience. Among the most effective tools to have been developed in the past several years are: ebooks, video guides, podcasts, teleconferences and, of course, webinars.

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Webinars: Effective Tools For Successful Training

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Sep 12, 2011 @ 09:46 PM

One of the most important tasks assigned to managers is employee training. In every division of a particular company, there is a requirement for personnel trained in responsibilities specific to their roles. This is the same for accounting, advertising, sales and customer service departments. In order to ensure the presence of qualified personnel, it is essential to hold training seminars that instruct employees on specific skills needed for successfully carrying out their tasks, as well as enhance collaboration and communication. And one of the most effective training tools available is the Onstream Media webinar.

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5 Biggest Mistakes When Hosting a Webinar

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Jul 11, 2011 @ 02:41 PM

A webinar is one of the most effective marketing tools to have at your disposal, and it is actually a lot easier to set up than it seems. Aside from quality content, a host, and a general plan of attack, you only need a sufficiently fast and stable Internet connection and a good audio connection, and you are in business!

Nevertheless, there are a few things you can do to make your webinar a more enriching experience for you and your audience, and conversely, a few things that can be detrimental to your success as well.

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Why Webcast?

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Jul 11, 2011 @ 02:23 PM

One of the most powerful and efficient ways to advertise products and/or services on the Internet is via a webcast.

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Webinar Best Practices

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Jul 11, 2011 @ 01:17 PM

The convenience of the webinar is one of its most significant advantages, and the ability to exchange information without having to spend money on travel and accommodation costs is one that many organizations are eager to take advantage of. There are a few important things to keep in mind in order to ensure the effectiveness of webinars, some of which we discuss.

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