The Benefits of Buying Web Conferencing Through Infinite

Posted by Sabrina George on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 01:33 PM

Whether a business is a small organization just starting out or a large corporation on the verge of going international, reliable web conferencing is an important aspect of today’s business. Clients, employees, and investors are frequently scattered across the globe. The ability to conduct presentations, board meetings, and webinars on the Internet with all of the richness of a face-to-face meeting is a competitive advantage in many markets. Purchasing web conferencing from Infinite provides companies with this advantage.

Infinite offers conferencing on a level that competes with large organizations, coupled with the technical support and the customer service of a customer-oriented business. Infinite understands that when a company holds a webinar, virtual tour or presentation, branding is important. If a prospect sees the logo of the presentation software, they may doubt the company has the resources and staff to service their account properly. When the presentation has the business’s branding, it increases awareness and elevates the level of professionalism in the potential customer’s eyes.

Web conference has to work properly. Dropped participants, audio fading in and out, or the inability to view the presenter’s screen is embarrassing, time consuming, and frustrating. No matter what type of conference a business is holding, they need to be able to ensure every feature is available when they want it, not when it decides to work. Infinite conference is reliable, and has advanced features many businesses want but don’t know they can have.

Many conferencing software products have the ability to send documents to participants. Infinite conferencing offers desktop sharing, control passing, file transfer, and slide annotations. A presenter can gage the response of a presentation with instant polling, enabling him to alter the pace of his presentation if the participants aren’t reacting well. 

Infinite web conferencing offers other features as well, such as the ability to have 1,000 participants, web tours, and encrypted presentations over SSL. For those who don’t have the technical prowess for the advanced features, in-house consultants can take care of all the important aspects, allowing the business to concentrate on the presentation.

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