Winning Webinar Tips

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Oct 06, 2011 @ 10:35 AM

Do you plan on investing time and money into designing an Onstream webinar but have no idea on how to make it successful? Here are seven excellent points to consider when planning your next webinar.

  1. Game Plan

    Winning webinar presentations require planning for smooth execution. By creating and following a webinar plan with schedules, budget information, promotion ideas, success metrics and speakers; your webinar can be a great success.

  2. Schedule

    Scheduling is a crucial element in webinar planning. Consider time zone differences and workloads to ensure the greatest attendance level.

  3. Promote

    A winning webinar attendance needs to be promoted for success. Thinking about the needs and wants of your target audience when promoting the webinar is crucial. If potential attendees have historically responded better to a certain strategy like “invite-a-colleague” links, utilize that method for successful promotion again.

  4. Avoid Problems

    Failing to plan for all possible issues during a webinar can lead to disaster. Make sure that your speakers know the differences between conventional in-person presentations and webinars. Conventional phone lines and headsets matched with a hard copy of the webinar presentation can help alleviate glitches. Plan for any technology problems and do a run-through of the entire presentation to catch any initial issues. Choosing the right conferencing video vendor to handle your webinar volume with technical support is an important planning element.

  5. Inform and Entertain

    When planning your webinar, remember you need to capture the attention of your audience. The workplace is full of distractions. Including informative content with interesting speakers will help keep their attention. Your sales and marketing teams are great resources for creating and presenting interesting webinar content.

  6. Research

    The webinar can be a win-win for your business. During and after the webinar, get your audience’s opinion to measure their interest level in the webinar and your business.

  7. Respect

    Treat your webinar audience with respect. They have taken time out of their schedules to attend your webinar and don’t want to be bombarded with only a hard sell presentation. Provide your audience with a value-filled webinar to grow the business-client relationship.

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