A Quick Guide to Better PowerPoint Presentations

Posted by Sabrina George on Tue, Nov 08, 2011 @ 04:41 PM
PowerPoint presentation

Clear, concise, and visually stimulating – these are the three main attributes of an authoritative PowerPoint presentation that will instill your message into the viewer's mind.  We all face information overload every day. This is why most people only briefly scan an email message. They read the first sentence, the last sentence, and possibly a few sentences in the middle. Keep this thought in might as you develop your PowerPoint presentation. Make your presentation powerful without bombarding the viewers with more information at one time than they are prepared to receive.

To make you message as precise as possible, choose a font size that is clearly readable to all members of your audience. What size is big enough? If you are using a projection system, the font should be at least 18-point.  You should limit your bullet points per slide to three to four maximum, using short and incomplete sentences for easy reading.

Use the master to make sure your slides are uniform in style and font. Your background, theme, and font will depend upon whether you are making an informal or formal presentation. You should theme a presentation you make to management more conservatively. If you make a presentation to an informal group or club, you can be creative and have a bit more fun with the themes. In any case, themes, font and style should blend in to make an easily readable presentation.

Be clear in your speaker notes and your visuals. A clear message does not need to be lengthy or full of long, difficult to comprehend words. The less information that you include on one slide, the better. It has more of an impact this way.  A PowerPoint presentation is a communication between the presenter and his audience. Keep this thought in mind when preparing your next PowerPoint presentation. Communication does not occur unless the audience not only sees and hears your presentation, but understands it as well. Onstream Media is a leading online service provider of corporate audio and web communications, with all the tools and solutions for helping you deliver presenations, conferences, virtual events, and more.

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