Why Conduct An Operator Assisted Call?

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 @ 11:00 AM


Any business owner or organization will benefit greatly from an enhanced flow of communication, and that is exactly what an operator assisted call provides. Since most businesses routinely rely on teleconferencing, operator assisted calling can be an invaluable aid in facilitating contact for both existing and potential customers.

The process of an operator assisted conference usually begins with sending out telephone invites to a pre-selected group of people. The operator is also usually placed in charge of gathering the necessary information about each participant, including their names, the name of the company they are associated with, and so on. Some operators may even undertake a poll, or a question-and-answer process on behalf of the company. This relieves the organizers from the tedious task of managing the conference participants.

Operator assisted calls have also proved invaluable in terms of enhancing end-to-end support. By taking on this role, operators spare the company the expense associated with having to hire and train specialized personnel just for these tasks.

Operator assisted calling is particularly useful for conferences wherein a sizable group of people is involved. Keep in mind that a conference consisting of twenty-five or more participants can get unwieldy and hard to organize efficiently, and operator assisted calls are effective means to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

In spite of the many technological advances that the business and corporate worlds have seen in recent years, the importance of facilitating contacts between peers and customers remains a constant factor. If you are interested in maintaining the competitiveness of your company in this day and age, operator assisted calling is well worth considering as a powerful and effective business tool.

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