The Three Key Elements of Collaboration

Posted by Sabrina George on Fri, Oct 28, 2011 @ 11:15 AM


Virtual business applications are becoming essential elements for a business. When an organization uses web conference as a communication tool, they gain a competitive edge. The company is able to be flexible, respond instantly to a potential problem and is able to lead market changes, instead of following trends.

Flexibility is an essential element of collaboration. Sales people are the eyes and ears of the business. They deal with customers every day, and they hear the praises and complaints out on the field. If a salesperson loses a sale because of an unresolved customer service issue, the company loses revenue.

With web conferencing, the salesperson can connect with the main office via her laptop. A customer service representative can send the customers file, and the salesperson can see the steps the company took to resolve the situation. If the problem originated in manufacturing, the sales representative can contact the manager of that department and add him to the call.

Resolving a customer service issue in the field will show clients that their business is valuable to the organization and  the company can recover lost sales. This can help the company react to a potential client issue as well. If a sales representative receives a call while in the home office, the client, sales representative and management can connect instantaneously via a web conference, resolving the issue before it becomes a serious problem.

The ability to resolve customer service issues increases the efficiency of an organization. Customer complaints often reveal flaws in a supply chain or manufacturing process. Rapid response to client problems can help the company change a process before it becomes a larger problem.

The ability to listen to clients and respond to their needs ensures customer loyalty. It is also beneficial for the company’s bottom line. When an organization understands what the market wants, it is able to deliver it ahead of its competitors, securing marketability and the organization’s place as a market leader.

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