Promoting Your Webinar through Twitter

Posted by Natalia Valencia on Tue, Jul 10, 2012 @ 01:36 PM

Promoting Through twitterEveryone always seems to be singing the praises of using social media, particularly Twitter, to promote their webinars and spread the word about their business. However, there are many people who simply refuse to use Twitter because of the way it is set up. If you follow anyone on Twitter, you may have noticed that people often post things that aren’t of interest to anyone else, making it difficult to find the important messages in your account.

There are plenty of businesses and people who use Twitter efficiently, though, which means you shouldn’t discount it as an option. You will need to work to make it effective if you intend to use it for promotion of your webinar, however. While it never hurts to use any means possible to promote your webinar, you need to make sure you are placing your focus on the areas that will get you the results you need for a successful webinar.

The question for you is whether Twitter is one of the outlets you need to place your focus on to reach a larger audience. If you want to use Twitter successfully to promote your webinar, there are a few factors you will need to consider. Without these factors, you may want to consider using other methods of promotion as your main areas of focus, though it doesn’t mean you have to avoid using Twitter at all.

A Large Network

One of the biggest keys to successful promotion of your webinar on Twitter is a large network. You need to already have a large established network for you to see the best results from your promotion. If you are just starting off and have minimal followers, you won’t be able to reach as large of an audience, which can be seen as a waste of your time.

Compelling Value

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for Twitter is the 140-character post limit. This can make it difficult to let people know what the value of your webinar is and why they need to attend, while still including a link. If you are able to do this, however, Twitter can be a great asset for you.

Encourage Sharing

One of the greatest aspects of any social network marketing is the ability to share posts with others. You need to be able to encourage your followers to spread the word about your webinar. Without your followers telling their followers about your webinar, the reach you have with Twitter is limited.

Using Twitter to promote your webinar is a personal decision you need to make if you can meet the required factors to make it a success. However, if you can’t get the people who follow you to keep spreading the word and know that news of your webinar will continue to spread out, you need to focus on other areas instead. Using social media in conjunction with Onstream Media's industry leading communication solutions can be of great benefit to any organization.

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