Webinar Tip: Have a Backup Plan

Posted by Amit Rathee on Thu, Jul 31, 2014 @ 01:28 PM
Regardless of how much you plan and prepare when conducting a webinar or any type of virtual meeting; there is still a chance that things can still go wrong. As such we recommend that you as the host ask yourself at least the following three preparation questions prior to the start of your event:

1.What is course of action if my phone disconnects or drops audio?
Answer: We suggest providing a backup dial-out number where you can be reached.

2.What would I do if my computer crashes mid session?
Answer: Keep an extra computer logged into the session on standby.

3.What if my guest guests are unable to attend the live session?
Answer: Have a backup or on-demand presentation. This way, those users who may have difficulty connecting to the live session, can watch your topic at their leisure.

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