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Posted by Amit Rathee on Wed, Jun 26, 2013 @ 03:44 PM

webinar, live webinar, webinar tips, Planning for a Webinar, webinar best practicesWhen you use Onstream Media to host a live webinar in an effective manner, it is the perfect method of implementing communications, public relations and marketing into your business strategy. With the right webinar tips, you can easily transform your prospective customers into repeat customers who will return to you for more business in the future. If you follow the tips below, you will learn how to set the proper tone for your next event and make it more successful, maximizing the results of your efforts.

Choose the Right Date and Time

Scheduling a live webinar is one of the most difficult aspects, especially if your attendees span the globe. In addition, the date and time you choose can have a profound impact on the success of your event. For instance, studies have shown Tuesday and Wednesday are the top two dates for holding webinars. In fact, more than 50 percent of webinars are held on these two days alone. It is also important to avoid conflicts with major industry events. Finally, pay close attention to the time zones of your attendees and plan around the most convenient time for the largest number of attendees. You may also want to consider holding two webinars to reach a larger audience.

Keep It Short and Simple

It is tempting to try to squeeze everything into one webinar. However, if you are giving them too much information or your live webinar extends beyond the time you are allotted, you will not impress your attendees. Determine the main focus of your event and keep it to that one focus. In general, it is best to limit yourself to an hour at the most. This is the extent of your attendees’ attention span in most cases. This time frame should include a question and answer session at the end of your presentation.

Promote Your Webinar

No one will know to attend if you don’t promote. In most cases, webinar tips state it is best to begin promotions about three weeks prior to the event. Some of the most popular methods of promoting include emails, social media, your website, LinkedIn and more. Check with your webinar vendor to find out about their services notifying, registering and reminding your attendees about the webinar. As you design your invitations, make sure you are clear about the date and time of the event, as well as how long it will last and what your attendees can hope to gain from attending. It is important to portray value in your event to build your attendance. Use email blasts, as well as creating hashtags to use in social media, to bring attention to your webinar through various channels.

Follow up after the Event

Follow-up after the event is critical. Compare the list of registered attendees versus those who actually attended. Gather their contact information so you can send out surveys and receive feedback, if desired. The key is to get your follow-up emails out as soon as possible after the event, as well as any information you promised to deliver to your audience via email. A prompt follow-up means your webinar is still fresh in your audience’s mind and the feedback will be more valuable. Within an hour is the best amount of time.

Don’t forget that your webinar can be an effective marketing tool when it is used properly. A live webinar is the perfect way to promote your business, share information with your customers about your products and services and build credibility with your customers, strengthening your brand. In the end, following these webinar tips to create an effective webinar using Onstream Media encourages business partnerships and generates more prospects and sales for your business.

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