Use Google News to Promote Your Webinar

Posted by Natalia Valencia on Tue, Jul 17, 2012 @ 03:47 PM

google regular logo 370x229 resized 600When you are hosting an Onstream webinar, you want to get the word out to as many people as possible, especially to those who are most likely to benefit from your webinar. Many businesses use social media, mailing lists and both free and paid advertisements to let people know about the webinars they hold. However, these aren’t the only effective ways to get the word out to more people. Because many business people make use of the major news sites, such as Google News, making sure your webinar information is featured there through press releases can expand your reach.

Your Headline

The headline is one of the most important parts of this press release. When you create a press release for your webinar, it is important to make sure you include at least one important keyword in the headline to attract readers. This keyword should let people know what your webinar is about. If you simply use the word “webinar” in your title and nothing more, it won’t attract attention because most people won’t be searching for that term, especially alone.

Load Up On Keywords

While you still need to keep in mind the basics of search engine optimization and avoid keyword stuffing, you need to make sure your webinar will appear under numerous search terms. Placing these important keywords prominently in your first paragraph will ensure it ranks well among the Google News results. Make sure you use the keywords no more than five times throughout the press release and use variations whenever possible to ensure results, no matter what people search.

Properly Placed Links

If you are familiar with creating press releases, you know it is best to place them at the end of the press release to encourage readers to contact you or visit your website for more information. If you want your webinar press release to make an impact on Google News, though, you need to place this hotlink at the beginning of the press release instead. The text for the link should include one of your keyword. This is because busy professionals won’t always read the entire press release, which makes an early link critical.

When you do place your link, make sure you avoid using wording that sounds overly promotional because this can disqualify your press release and discourage readers. This link should also lead directly to your registration page to make things easier for your readers to sign up without having to search for the sign-up link. This will help the search engine spiders to also rank your webinar sign-up page.

Your press release will rank in Google News for three to four weeks after you post it. This means you need to time it carefully to give readers enough time to sign up but not enough time to forget about your webinar. As long as you use the proper keywords, in your body and your headline, and place your hotlinks in the first paragraph, anchored with keyword text, you will see an increase in traffic to your landing page and potentially an increase in registrants for your Onstream webinar.

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