The Simple Way to Host an Online Webinar

Posted by Natalia Valencia on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 @ 01:20 PM

describe the imageWebinars are the latest technique that companies worldwide use to take the leading edge on today’s business. With the simple click of a few buttons, you can broadcast a seminar to hundreds of professionals worldwide. This advance in technology has made it possible for professionals to attend vital seminars they otherwise might have missed due to logistics.

With the ability to run live or as a pre-recorded seminar, webinars have great flexibility that enhances the way businesses today operate. The latest technology allows businesses to not only run a seminar but also stay interactive with the audience. Onstream Media Webinars offer the ability to run polls, have question and answer segments and more.

Starting an Online Webinar

It is rather simple to start an online webinar. This makes it possible for anyone to get one started. The basic factors that need to be considered for a successful webinar include choosing a date, time and the right webinar tool.

A large majority of the success of a company’s webinar lies in the timing of it. Keeping in mind any holidays, time differences and realistic expectations, you can schedule your online webinar. After considering any cultural holidays throughout the world for international webinars, you can pick the right date. This step should be done well in advance to allow for plenty of time for advance notice. The time of day you choose is also key. Timing it just right for professionals around the world will take a little finesse.

Last but not least, you must choose the webinar tool software. All software has different capabilities, making it necessary to research each type to determine which will meet the needs of your company.

Preparing the Webinar

Once you have taken care of all the logistics of the online webinar, it is time to perfect the actual lecture. The webinar needs an agenda to keep all attendees fully informed of the topics that will be covered, as well as how long each topic will take. It is also important to ensure that images are included in the presentation. At no point should the seminar become boring or lose the attention of the attendees.

As you prepare the agenda, ensure you reserve time for a question and answer segment. This is one of the best ways to ensure the attendees get what they want out of the seminar. Also take the time to allow for plenty of practice. Working closely with the webinar software before the actual date of the webinar will allow time to fix any mistakes or glitches that occur.

Invite your Audience

Advance notice is the best way to ensure a high attendance at the online seminar. Choose a target audience and send them invitations to the scheduled online webinar. The invitation needs to include as much information as possible, including the agenda and a link to sign up.

The Importance of Marketing the Webinar

Technology today allows for easy online webinar marketing in addition to the invitations that you send out. Utilize social media avenues, such as Facebook and Twitter, to announce the webinar far and wide. You can also include the announcement in any e-mail blasts or newsletters that a company sends out. The most important factor to make marketing a webinar successful is plenty of advance notice. Typically two to three weeks’ notice is sufficient for busy professionals.

When the Date Arrives

When the date has arrived, it is essential to follow proper protocol for a successful webinar. The most important factor is time. Be sure to log in to the webinar program early so it is ready to launch when the attendees arrive. Start the webinar on time and stick to the agenda. Business professionals lead busy lives and expect promptness at online webinars.

Record the Webinar

Recording the webinar can help future webinars by being able to watch it back for any flaws. It also serves as a further marketing tool. You can send clips to attendees in the future to further clarify a point or bring something to their attention.

Always ask for feedback from the audience. Even if it is not positive feedback, it will help make future webinars better based on the constructive criticism provided by the captive audience.

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