Top Tactics for Webinar Marketing

Posted by Natalia Valencia on Wed, Jun 13, 2012 @ 01:35 PM

toptactics resized 600Webinar marketing can be a bit tricky with all the strategies out there.  The hardest thing to figure out is when to start. If you start advertising too soon, some people will forget about your webinar. If you don’t give people enough notice, they won’t be able to attend. Here are a few pointers on how to get the most out of your Onstream Media Webinar marketing strategy.

Be consistent

People don’t always sign up when they see a flyer for the first time. Sending people multiple flyers increases the chance that they will sign up. Be careful though, you don’t want to spam anybody. There is a fine line between advertising and spamming. Be consistent with your advertising and start roughly two weeks before your event. Send no more than three flyers to individuals that haven’t signed up.

Don’t Expect Everybody to Show Up

Webinars cost money to promote and host. You want to be sure to have a good number of people attend. Continue to advertise your event even if you have already reached your limit. Expect only half of the people that signed up to actually attend. That way you won’t be bogged down with disappointment. It’s better to have too many people show up than too few.

Choose your Audience Wisely

Determine who your target audience is and invite them. Invite a few that are not within your target audience but be clear what you’re offering at the webinar. Being ambiguous does not do anybody any good. Having people leave in the middle of the presentation is worse than having only a few people show up. On your ad, share the topics of discussion and whom you want to reach. The more specific you can be the better.

Practice More than Once

People can tell when you come prepared. Nobody wants to sit through a webinar that the presenter isn’t prepared for. Do two or three dry runs before the event so you can see what glitches are present in your presentation. Be sure to do last minute changes. Try to have somebody sit through your presentation so you can see what someone else thinks.

Keep their Attention

Know your presentation, keep your audience engaged and be memorable. People don’t pay attention to something they aren’t interested in. They are also doing other things while attending your webinar. You want to be the center of their attention. Also, keep it short and sweet. Most people have short attention spans. This means that you shouldn’t take up more than 40 minutes during your webinar.

Preserve Potential Sales

All that money you spent on your webinar will go to waste if you don’t pay attention to the process of sales leads. Have a plan in place on how you’re going to market to your leads. With the webinar already done, the next step is coaxing your lead into human contact and then a sale. Don’t let your sales department disconnect from the process at any point.

Be Considerate of your Guests

You aren’t going to remember to attend a webinar if you there is a lot going on. Don’t expect your attendees to either. Be sure to send out a reminder if you have their permission to use their email address. Keep them to a minimum and use email to share interesting information. The information you share is to hook them into going.

If they miss it, be sure to send them an email with a link to the recorded webinar. They might’ve had something else to do. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in hearing what you have to say. The last thing to do is follow up afterwards and ask them if they have any questions.

With these tips, your Onstream webinar should be a success. The most important thing to do is relax. Your audience will follow your cues and enjoy the presentation more if you’re enjoying yourself. Don’t forget to smile.

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