Making your Corporate Webcast Come Alive

Posted by Amit Rathee on Thu, Aug 08, 2013 @ 01:43 PM

webcasts, live webcasts, on demand webcasts, business best practices, webcasting benefitsContrary to popular belief, webcasts aren’t simply videos a business or individual posts online. While this can certainly describe webcasting, it isn’t limited to this definition. For instance, corporate webcasting is the process of creating business presentations that come alive for viewers, allowing customers and businesses to interact together. Live webcasts and on demand webcasts utilize tools, such as PowerPoint, video, Q&A and a variety of other interactive features to engage an audience. Those who cannot attend a live event can view the same broadcast as those who are attending the show will see in person. These webcasts bring viewers to keynote speeches, breakout sessions and other events that are typically live.

Increase Your Reach

One of Onstream Media's greatest webcasting benefits is the ability to reach out to a much wider audience. Not all people who are interested in attending your event are able to attend in person. Broadcasting these events with live webcasts now and on demand webcasts later allows people who have scheduling conflicts or can’t afford to travel to view your event. This allows everyone to benefit from your webcast, regardless of their situation.

Increase Convenience, Decrease Environmental Impact

Hosting a live event requires people to travel and causes the business to rent a large facility, using many resources. Business best practices often dictate businesses should strive to reduce their environmental impact. Live webcasts allow businesses to reach out to consumers and business associates around the world without inconveniencing anyone or harming the environment more than necessary.

Even if part of the event is held in person, visitors don’t have to worry about whether they are able to make it to the event. Businesses can broadcast live webcasts during the event for those who simply couldn’t travel, and post on demand webcasts to their website after the event so anyone who missed out can watch it at their own convenience.

Tap into Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to more effectively reach out to their customers. One of the major webcasting benefits is the potential to go viral. If you post your webcast after the event, you can provide viewers with options to share your webcast through their social media account. The more people who share your webcast, the more exposure you will gain without having to do anything additional. Your webcast becomes something that lasts longer than you imagined and spreads further as well.

Increase Your Revenue

Another of the business best practices is to take every opportunity to make money without taking advantage of your customers. Onstream's Webcasts are a great way to increase your revenue naturally. When you use webcasting technology, for instance, you will increase the productivity of your employees because they will spend less time traveling to event locations. It also reduces the time and effort it requires to reach your customers and encourages them to act faster, bringing in more revenue for your business.

While offering free webcasts can help boost your business, webcasting also makes it easy to charge for viewing. For instance, you can charge a reduced rate for watching live webcasts over attending the live event. Or perhaps you offer on demand webcasts for free for a limited time, only to charge a nominal fee to watch it later. Obtaining relevant sponsorships can also be a great way to use your webcasts for some additional revenue.

Businesses that are not yet aware of the many webcasting benefits should explore this option further to weigh these benefits against their business best practices. In most cases, the benefits Onstream's webcasting can provide, both live and on demand, far outweigh the costs of producing these webcasts, helping businesses reach farther and increase their revenue, while showing corporate responsibility for greater customer loyalty.


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