How to Improve Sales Success after a Webcast

Posted by Amit Rathee on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 04:27 PM

webcast icon smallWebcasts have become a popular way of lead generation for many companies as these events provide sales teams with a list of quality, “warm” leads to convert into sales. However, it is still important not to be too pushy with sales, even if the leads are already familiar with your products or services. After you have worked with your webcasting company, it is time to make sure your sales team knows how to avoid two of the most common pitfalls.

A Different Type of Lead

It is extremely important for your sales team to understand the differences in the type of lead a webcast can generate. When you work with a webcasting company, they will help you create a webcast that will draw in potential customers who have a specific problem. Your webcast will show your potential customers how your company can help them resolve that problem. Because of this different type of lead, your salespeople need to approach their follow-up call in a conversational manner, rather than their traditional sales pitch. A traditional sales pitch won’t work as well with this type of lead.

Use the Problem

A typical sales pitch simply promotes the product. When your webcast uses a specific problem to target the audience, it becomes critical for your salespeople to use that problem to work with the potential customer. During the course of the conversation, it is important for the salesperson to focus on the specific products or services that can help with the issue at hand, as well as allow the customer to guide where the discussion leads for the best results. In addition to using the problem to promote the products or services, it is also important to get the leads to your salespeople as quickly as possible to ensure proper timing for execution of results. Without maintaining the proper timing, those customers who need your help may take the information you provided and turn to another company to fulfill their needs instead of turning to you. In closing, keep in mind that webcasts provide access to “warm” leads and should be utilized by your sales force to help customers solve their problems; resulting in an overall improvement in sales after a webcast.


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