Offer More Than Video or Audio on Your Next Web Conference

Posted by Sabrina George on Thu, Apr 02, 2015 @ 10:25 AM

This is the standard, low-end Web conferencing solution used by most businesses today: two-way audio and video transmission. It has poor video quality (meaning it’s prone to choppy or delayed feeds) and it has no way of transmitting multimedia in real time. In short, it’s a low-budget approach to customer communication.

Is this the type of solution that you use to represent your company during sales pitches, contract negotiations, project proposals and other collaborations? If so, you could be limiting your business—and weakening your brand image in the eyes of your customers. The fact is that customers will judge your business by the quality of its communications infrastructure, so it’s critical to have access to a platform that reflects your business’s high-quality standards.

The cloud-based Onstream Meetings conferencing platform, by comparison, offers crystal-clear video and audio transmission to as many as 50 users at a time, in addition to private chat rooms and direct messages. Teams can, therefore, select their preferred type of communications—or use a mix--during each meeting.

Onstream Meetings also makes it easy to exchange multimedia in real time through a versatile, user-friendly library. Some of the accepted file types capable of being delivered through Onstream include .3G2 for video, .F4A for Adobe Flash and .AAC for audio. Team members can collaborate using screen sharing so that everyone involved in a meeting can have an equal chance of contributing.

As you can see, the Onstream Meetings Web conferencing platform provides all members of the enterprise—from the C-suite to HR to sales—with a high-end communications solution capable of facilitating amazing Web conferencing experiences.

Click here to learn more about how your company can leverage the power of Onstream Meetings. 

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