Web Conferencing Tip: Check In Periodically

Posted by Amit Rathee on Tue, Oct 29, 2013 @ 03:48 PM

web conferencing, Infinite Conferencing, best practices, teletips, web conferencing tipDuring the web conference, make sure to check in with your audience periodically. This can be done by asking questions such as: “Does anyone have any questions so far? Does everyone understand? or Can you think of a way to implement this strategy in the workplace?”  This helps to ensure the attendees are attentive, and to see if they have any questions, at the same time. When you do not receive a response from your audience, it can be taken as a sign that they are uninterested or that the information being presented is not being understood. As such, make sure to get an idea of your audience’s interest levels throughout the web conference, and adjust your presentation as needed.

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