5 Ways to Enhance Your Earnings Conference Call

Posted by Amit Rathee on Tue, Jun 04, 2013 @ 03:56 PM

Conference call, phone conference, IR, conferencing tipsToday, many companies reach out to their investors to share information about earnings and other financial aspects of the business through Onstream's phone conferencing. The Investors Relations, or IR department will start a conference call, inviting all investors to attend and share information every quarter or on an annual basis to make sure every investor knows what is going on.

In today’s economy, more investors are moving away from bonds and mutual funds and purchasing more stocks. This means your earnings calls will experience more activity as you attempt to let all your investors know how your company is doing. It is in your best interest to make changes to the way you handle these calls to make them more interactive and transparent, allowing your investors to actively participate.

If your IR department is looking for a way to enhance your earnings phone conference, follow these five tips:

  1. Leave More Time for Questions – Many earnings calls spend a lot of time going over earnings reports, as well as other reports and information they feel investors want to know about. However, investors often have plenty of questions that are associated with the company’s earnings and where the company is headed in the future. When you cut down on your own remarks and open the floor for questions earlier, everyone will obtain the information they desire.
  2. Simplify the Question Submission Process – One of the best ways to make it easier to submit questions is to ask investors to visit your website or blog ahead of time and send in their questions. They may also email them directly to your IR department. Make sure you clearly indicate how to submit questions. If they can submit the questions ahead of time, you can be sure to answer all of them.
  3. Consider a Q&A Call Only – Some companies have had great success in making their phone conference call a Q&A call. In these situations, you won’t have to prepare any material ahead of time to build a presentation. As long as you ask for the questions ahead of time, you can prepare based on those questions you receive.
  4. Make the Call Easier to Access – There are so many options today that allow you to create a conference call that is easy for any of your investors to access. Whether you hold the call through the computer or via phone, all your investors need to do is dial the required number or click on a link and enter the special access code.
  5. Provide All Information on Your Website – Your website is the perfect complement to a conference call. While investors are on the call with you, they can browse through the information on your website to learn even more. Your website should feature an introduction to your company, as well as the key points you will cover in your presentation.

Using Onstream Media's phone conferencing for your earnings calls can serve you well if you strive to make it an interactive, informative experience. Your IR department can follow these five simple steps to impress your investors and make your earnings calls more exciting for everyone.

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