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Posted by Amit Rathee on Thu, Apr 18, 2013 @ 02:25 PM

streaming video, live streaming video, video hosting serviceIf you use streaming videos for your website, including live streaming video, it is extremely important to choose the right video hosting service to best meet your needs. This is because video streaming requires large amounts of bandwidth, as well as the assurance of the privacy of the content you post. You don’t want someone to steal your video content without your knowledge to use it for their own benefit. When you choose your hosting service carefully, you can avoid these issues.

One of the biggest obstacles many website owners have with streaming videos is the packages that are offered by a video hosting service are often too expensive. While it is pricey to run live streaming video on your site, many services try to sell you extra services you don’t need, increasing the prices to a point it is no longer an affordable option. If you only need to host videos, you only need a simple hosting service, not all the extras. Onstream Media's industry-leading solutions offer a wide variety of services to help you meet all of your business needs.

Your Web Hosting Service

Many people think they can simply use their web hosting service to host their videos as well. While this essentially works, it does pose some challenges to your website. Even though this is likely your cheapest option, using your web hosting service can’t provide you with the quality of service a web hosting service can. This means your streaming videos are more likely to lag and experience other problems when you choose to limit yourself to your web hosting service’s capabilities.

If you are starting out and want to give live streaming video a chance on your website, you can start with using your web hosting service. Pay close attention to the bandwidth use and the quality you experience with the service. If you exceed your bandwidth, you can look for a video hosting service to help you.

Video Server Software

People who are familiar with computers may be able to aid their live streaming video hosting with the use of video server software. This type of software is designed to improve your streaming videos, as well as the experiences of those who view your videos. For instance, the software can add the capabilities of fast forwarding. Video server software can also help control the bandwidth that is used, allowing users to view the videos in Flash, Windows Media or QuickTime.

In some situations, the Internet service provider you use will include the use of video server software. Check with your ISP to find out if they offer the software. In most cases, the software provided by your ISP will be limited to no more than 1,000 minutes of play per day. You may be able to pay for additional time.

The use of live streaming video is a common tool many websites use today to attract the attention of Internet visitors. If you would like to add streaming videos to your website, it is important to find the right video hosting service to ensure you are able to provide your viewers with the quality experience they expect. Onstream Media's award-winning Visual Webcaster platform can provide a simple and cost-effective solution to your business.

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