Infinite Conferencing Provides Top-Quality Service in Conference Calls and Webinars

Posted by Amit Rathee on Tue, Apr 02, 2013 @ 12:36 PM

infinite conferencing, review, audio conferencing, conferencing,  conference call, live webinar, webinar, In the business world, the days of having to meet in person or hold a call between two or three people are in the past. Today, most businesses are making use of conference call software and webinars to hold those important meetings with clients and colleagues across the country and around the world. Before your business joins this new trend, it is important to find one of the best providers in the business. Infinite has consistently ranked well with Top Ten Reviews, providing their users with top-notch services.


One of the most important factors you should consider is the features that are available. Infinite offers a long list of features for both conference calls and webinars to allow you to fully customize your experience to best meet your needs. For your conference calls, you can take advantage of a participant list, blocking features, automatic invites, a customizable greeting and controls for multiple presenters. The calls even work with international numbers. If you will be holding a webinar, Infinite offers the most advanced features, including file transfers, password protection, recording, encryption options, private chats and more, all without requiring your attendees to download anything.


If you are holding a conference call or webinar in place of an in-person meeting, interaction is still a critical element. It will be too difficult to hold the attention of everyone in attendance if they are expected to simply sit through the meeting and listen to someone else talk. You can enhance both a conference call and a webinar with interactive features, including polling, chats, file sharing, whiteboards and even screen sharing when you are dealing with a webinar. All these features and others will keep your audience engaged and active to ensure everyone is paying attention to the information presented.

Help and Support

Not all businesses are familiar with the use of conference calls and webinars. Even those who have previously used them may not feel completely comfortable with their use or can experience difficulties. When you trust Infinite to handle your conference calls and webinars, you will receive the utmost in customer support and assistance. As you set up your conference call or webinar, you can take advantage of tutorials that will walk you through every step of the process. Infinite also offers support via telephone, email and live chats on their website, both before and during the event, allowing everyone to get the help they need to experience a successful event. Operator-assisted conference calls and remote IT support are available, if needed.

Holding meetings through conference calls and webinars can be the perfect way to reach more clients and colleagues with your meeting. With Infinite Conferencing, you can count on being able to use the best features, including those that encourage your audience to become active participants. Our high-level customer support will also help you build the perfect conference call or webinar to meet your needs so you can achieve the success you desire for your meetings.

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