The Advantages of Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing

Posted by Amit Rathee on Fri, Feb 15, 2013 @ 10:42 AM

operator assisted conferencing, operator assisted calls, operator assisted conferenceCommunications have always been an important aspect of any business. In the past, however, small and mid-sized businesses were at a disadvantage against the larger corporations, as technologies such as audio conferencing were not readily available to all. With the advances in communication technology, businesses of all sizes are on an even playing field, allowing anyone to reach out to a global market quickly and easily.  Yet, if someone is not familiar with teleconferences and other similar tools, the entire process can be ineffective and confusing. In comparison, an operator assisted conference call can help you make sure everything runs smoothly.  This is because an operator assisted conference provides you with a facilitator who will walk you through the entire process, completing the technical functions; so all you need to worry about is your conference and its content.

Simplify Conference Calling

Today, many businesses realize the advantages of using operator assisted calls and utilize them to make the entire conferencing process easier. Throughout the entire call, you know there is someone available who will be able to help you with any problems you encounter. If you give this method of communicating a chance, you will realize it is one of the best choices you can make for more effective communication.

Greet Attendees

One of the best advantages of using operator assisted conferencing is the ability to have someone who is there to professionally greet each conference participant as they enter the meeting. In addition, the operator will also be able to help anyone set up their system if they happen to encounter problems along the way. When you have an operator to handle these aspects, you can feel more certain that everyone will be on time and ready to focus on the conference at hand.

Better Flow

The flow of a conference call is extremely important. Without operator assisted calls, you could end up trying to juggle everything at once, resulting in you losing sight of the main focus of your conference call. In comparison, with operator assisted conferencing, your operator will manage the flow of the call, conducting polls, monitoring all of your participants, recording the call and submitting the recording to you when the meeting is over. By utilizing all these professional services, it is far more likely that your conference will run smoothly and efficiently.


When you reach out to a global market, you are dealing with people who may not all speak the same language. With an operator assisted conference, the operator will be able to complete any needed translation so everyone can understand what is being said during the audio conference. This helps to ensure that your content is delivered to your audience and they understand the materials being reviewed.


Time Management

Conference calls are sometimes on a strict time limit, especially when you have a larger number of participants. With operator assisted conferencing, the operator is there to remind everyone to limit their speaking time, helping to ensure the entire call stays on schedule and is completed on a timely basis. The operator is also responsible for handling all the introductions so everyone knows who is who.

Technical Help

Perhaps the most important advantage of choosing operator assisted calls is the technical assistance the operator can provide. If you or any of your participants encounter problems with the call, the operator is capable of troubleshooting the issue, improving the audio or effectively handling any other issue that may occur.

In closing, operator assisted conferencing offers a myriad of benefits for businesses and individuals alike. Help keep your conference focused and on time, to ensure that everything runs smoothly with the assistance of an operator during your next conference call.

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