Making Money with Your Online Web Event

Posted by Amit Rathee on Thu, Jan 17, 2013 @ 02:44 PM

online web event, making moneyWhen you are holding an online web event, there’s a good chance you are looking to make money with your event. If this is one of your goals in holding an online event, it is important to focus on several areas to monetize your event successfully.

Content Strategy

One of the most important aspects of your web event is your content strategy. Attendees aren’t going to be willing to pay for your event if they aren’t going to learn something important from it. Make sure your content is current and appropriately timed for the event. Another way you can make sure you are providing your audience with quality content worth paying for is to partner up with experts in the field to show your attendees you want them to learn something from your online web event.

Monetizing Strategy

There are many ways for you to monetize your Onstream web event. In general, you will need to choose if you will find sponsors to pay for your event or if you will charge your attendees to participate. Once you make this decision, you can work toward the focus of your strategy. The first thing you need to determine is what people are most likely to willingly pay for. You can then build and test various sponsorship and attendance packages to determine which one will work best for your event. This can include creating a variety of sponsorship packages to allow different levels of commitment and fees. Finally, you must set the fees at a level you think people are willing to pay.

Sales Preparation

Sales often don’t happen without a little work on your part. Therefore, you need to learn how to prepare for your online web event for the best results. Publishing your event, along with a registration page, as early as possible will ensure you are ready when the time comes. Build up a sales pitch, showing your attendees or sponsors just how your event will benefit them. Post these benefits along with your event information. Once your sales preparation is in place, it is time to work with your sales team to train them to promote your sales pitch. It is also important to talk with your web event provider about teaching your sales team how to use any special features your event will offer.

Sales Strategy

After all the prep work is completed, it is time to start selling your online web event. Timing is critical at this point. You need to start selling as early as possible without starting too so early people forget about your web event by the time it occurs. If you are using presenters for your web event, ask them to help you with the promotion. This extra promotion will help them, as well as you. Offering them incentives can also be effective. After promoting your web event for a week or two, evaluate the progress and make adjustments to better your impact. Monitoring the sales calls can help with this evaluation and adjustment process.

Monetizing your online web event can be a difficult balancing act. Knowing how to develop the right strategies and preparing for promoting your event is critical to its success. Onstream's virtual event platform, Marketplace 365, offers a plethora of solutions to address all of your ogranization's virtual event needs.


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