The 411 on Webinar Social Promotion

Posted by Amit Rathee on Mon, Jan 14, 2013 @ 03:57 PM

social media, webinarSocial media has quickly been growing as a way to promote everything related to your business. When you use live webinar providers to create a webinar for your business, you need to promote it to obtain a suitable audience. Making use of a variety of social networks can help you reach the largest audience possible to make it well worth the effort and cost of hiring a live webinar provider.

After you set up your webinar with a live webinar provider, you need to start building buzz around your webinar to attract an audience. There are several ways to best reach your audience:


Twitter is a quick and easy way to attract attention to your live webinar. Make sure you send two to three tweets per week for the greatest impact; as this will help in keeping your webinar at the front of everyone’s minds. Tweets should use catchy wording, tag your presenters and any related businesses, provide the date and time of the presentation and a link to the registration or presentation page. You can also use automated tweets, but it’s important to mix things up for the greatest impact.


Facebook is for businesses, as well as individuals. If you have a Facebook page for your business, make sure you provide a link to your webinar so your Facebook followers know about it. Making several posts about your webinar in the days prior to the event can also help build your audience.


We at Infinite also suggest that you make good use of LinkedIn to promote your webinar. All you need to do is find LinkedIn groups in which professionals who can benefit from your webinar would belong. Make a post about your webinar, making sure to use your webinar title and some brief information about it in the title, such as the date and whether you charge or it is free. Your title can also be a question the webinar resolves. In the post, include more details about your webinar, including a full description, main bullet points and a link. Post once or twice in each group, making sure to follow the guidelines of the group.

Also, keep in mind that once your webinar is already underway doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting. As you use your live webinar provider, you can tweet highlights from your webinar, drawing in more viewers as your webinar moves along and showing people what they are missing out on.

Lastly, many live webinar providers also provide on-demand versions of your webinar after the event. This allows you to continue to leverage the aforementioned social media channels to promote your webinar; bringing in more people, who can benefit from your webinar while helping to boost your business even further.


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