Use Online Meetings to Grow Your SMB

Posted by Sabrina George on Mon, Mar 23, 2015 @ 12:38 PM

As a small to midsized business (SMB), your company does not have the luxury of a big budget or an established reputation to help it connect with customers and market its products or services. So customers might want to do a bit more digging for information about your company before choosing to invest in your solutions.

An online meetings platform from Onstream Meetings is one of the most comprehensive and affordable ways that you can increase communication with customers and visibility around your business’s core offerings. As a feature-rich, browser-based meetings platform, Onstream Meetings facilitates seamless and secure interactions for up to 50 users at a time.

Here are some ways that Onstream Meetings can help you grow your SMB:

Eliminate customer confusion: It’s very frustrating to lose a potential business deal due to a miscommunication about a particular product offering. Yet this often happens when customers don’t have the information they need to truly visualize a product in action.

Onstream Meetings solves this problem by allowing customers and sales associates to engage in two-way video, audio and text-based interactions. Onstream Meetings makes it possible to share multimedia files, highlight on-screen areas using a mouse or even modify documents in real time for advanced collaboration.

Save money: Most SMBs operate on a tight budget, which makes it difficult for sales associates to travel long distances and close deals. After all, face-to-face customer interactions typically require transportation costs, lodging and dining expenses.

Using Onstream Meetings, sales associates can simply connect over the Web, which reduces or eliminates the need to travel when making offers and deals. This can, in turn, increase your global customer base, as international customers can easily connect with your company. Onstream even offers right-to-left reading and page scrolling for Hebrew and Arabic customers.

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