Conference Calls: Price vs. Quality

Posted by SHIV KAKAR on Tue, Aug 16, 2011 @ 10:52 AM


Phone conferencing has truly come of age in the past several years. It wasn’t so long ago that such services were available only to the few companies that had the means to pay for the expensive infrastructure required. With the advances in technology and the lower costs of production however, phone conferencing is now a reality even for companies of more modest financial means.


As beneficial as the affordability of phone conferencing is, this has opened up a whole new set of concerns. For one thing, there has been a massive influx of companies providing phone conferencing services with varying degrees of quality. There are many affordable phone conferencing companies now to be sure, but finding one that offers quality services and features is as difficult as ever.


While a low price doesn't necessarily mean poor service, you generally don’t get as many features with a budget phone conferencing service compared to a full price package. With a low cost phone conferencing service, you will often have to deal with less than stellar customer support. In most cases, you will also have to deal with poor performance, which may manifest itself as choppy signals, dropped calls, and even blocked access. For all the benefits that affordable phone conferencing services can provide, these issues are really not acceptable for any serious organization.  


At the very least, you should be able to expect satisfactory service from your phone conferencing provider. You should also be provided with a toll free 800 number that you could call at a moment's notice for assistance for any technical issues that you may be having. Also make sure that you are provided with a conference bridge network that is robust enough to handle even the largest conference calls.


Now obviously, you will want to get the best possible phone conferencing service for the money.  However, going with the cheapest one you can find will likely result in a performance hit, thereby negating the savings that you can get. While price is an important factor in making a choice of a phone conferencing provider, you should also keep the quality of service in mind. 

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