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By Beth Klein • January 20, 2017

Work Effectively From Home This Winter

Working remotely during the winter, when the weather isn't great, can be a nerve-racking process to ensure employee productivity. You might fear that there's no way for you to work effectively from home or collaborate with colleagues outside of the office. With tools such as audio conferencing and web conferencing, those fears can be put to rest. Stay connected with our award winning reservationless audio conferencing lines and web-conferencing platform -- and better yet, pair them together!

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Work Effectively From Home This Winter

Stay connected with audio...

Imagine you had a department or staff meeting scheduled, and then bad weather hits so you are forced to work from home. Before you go and cancel your meeting, think about other ways you can still collaborate from your couch or home office. Sure, this is not ideal, but it's not impossible either!

And don't be scared! You can still have a conference call without having to figure out how to do multi-way call from your cell.

Utilize one of Infinite Conferencing's reservationless audio lines and all you'll have to do is dial a number, enter a passcode, and then -- BAM! -- You're all connected! 

Not only is it great for staying connected internally, but you needn't worry about any external meetings either. You can use the same line to connect with potential clients, and current customers globally. 

Meet, Train, and Present - Virtually Anywhere...

Let's go back to the last scenario, except it's a big, important presentation scheduled with potential clients and -- guess what? They're in warm and sunny California. Like I said before, don't cancel the meeting. Don't even panic! 

With Onstream Media, we've got you covered! With a fully collaborative web platform you can still have that presentation! Connect your webcam, upload PowerPoints and videos, share your screen, and so much more! Your potential clients will be WOW-ed by how you put together a presentation so seamlessly, and in such little time. They'll want to do business with you forever -- and hopefully buy into our product as well! 

Put them together for a seamless application...

The best part is, you can take both of these services and use them together! For a seamless application, pair one of our reservationless audio lines with your web-conferencing or webinar license. If your participants have a bad internet connection due to bad weather or no computer at all, they can still connect to the presentation's audio via the phone! 

Did I mention that we have a mobile app for iOS and Android users too? Staying connected during the winter months doesn't get any easier than this!


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