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By Beth Klein • November 11, 2016

Webinars for Beginners

I've heard over and over again that my clients are scared to conduct their first webinar. While I completely understand how nerve-racking speaking to a live audience can be, there are best practices that you can follow that will help your event run smoothly, making you look like a star!

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Follow these 5 P's for your Perfect Presentation:

1) Plan.

Come up with an agenda and stick to it! Your audience will not like if what they read in your webinar promotion is different than what is actually covered in the live event. When creating a brief overview for the event make sure to add in 3-4 takeaway point they will learn by attending the webinar.

2) Pick a date... and time.

I'm sure you're wondering which day of the week and time of day will give your event the highest attendance rate, right? According to "The Results Are In: Best Times for a Webinar" a survey conducted by expert Ken Molay- President of Webinar Success, the final answer is... Tuesday afternoons.

Keep in mind that unless you are marketing to a specific geographic area only, that time zones play a crucial roll in picking the perfect time for your event. Consider hosting your event around 2pm eastern time. That way it won't be too early for those attending from the west coast.

The best part about a webinar is that it can be recorded for all those attendees that missed out on it live! Make sure you choose a webinar vendor that is able to provide you with an all-inclusive recording. That way even afterwards, you'll still be collecting new leads!

3) Promote.. and Promote some more!

How many weeks ahead of time should you promote your event in order to maximize registrants? For all of you that are lucky enough to complete steps 1 & 2 with 30 days left to spare until the live event, then get promoting! You never know who will stumble across the Events page on your website and bookmark that upcoming event way ahead of time.

According to a How Soon is Too Soon to Promote Your Webinar, a blog posted published by Webinara, they stress how common is it for a webinar organizer to begin promotion roughly 10 days before the start of an upcoming event. This works in the organizer's favor since attendees tend to manage their calendars a week ahead of time.

If you're looking to generate additional leads for your event, consider using Onstream Webinars + Webinara.  For the price of one, you're able to create, promote, and host your webinar on one platform. Utilize Webinara for Search Optimization as well and watch your live and recorded event appear on Google.

4) Present

This is the part that makes you most anxious, right? but stay calm - you've prepped everything there is to prep; you got this! Before you turn the camera on and get speaking, I suggest you watch "How to Look and Sound Like a Pro in Eight Easy Steps." Expert Jan Ozer covers everything from the perfect background to your audio volume target.

5) Re-Purpose

Want to know what I think the best part of a webinar is? Hands down, the ability to record. Do you know all of the different campaigns you could create based on 1 webinar recording alone? Here's what we suggest:

  1. Turn the webinar content into a series of blog posts.
  2. Break up the hour long webinar into 5 mini lessons. Release each lesson to your YouTube channel. Not all at one though, you want the viewers to have a reason to keep coming back.
  3. Use a transcription service to have the whole webinar transcribed. Turn that into a whitepaper. 

Download our Webinars for Beginners e-book for more!

I hope you found these 5 P's for your Perfect Presentation helpful. Contact us at team@onstreammedia.com today to learn about how you can get started!