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By Beth Klein • November 7, 2016

Webinar Marketing Best Practices

There are many webinar vendors on the market that allow you to host company events. However, many vendors lack the ability to provide a white-glove webinar experience. Here at Onstream Media, we specialize in both: self-service subscription webinar plans as well as per-event professionally managed solutions.

Take a closer look into some client benefits..

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Customization and Branding

  • Replicate the look and feel of your company website on your registration pages and player views. Position your registration page as an extension of your website so that attendees can navigate through the process as seamlessly as possible.
  • Customize the sender name and email address in all confirmation, reminder and follow-up emails. This way the branding is consistent and will eliminate any brand confusion.
  • Offer sponsorship opportunities as part of your webinar campaigns. Offer the sponsors recognition throughout the webinar:
    • Company branding on registration pages and player views.
    • Twitter promotion with a live feed during the event.
    • Tracked content available for attendee download
    • Extensive reporting and analytics

White Glove Webinar Services

Narrowing down potential webinar vendors is a big enough job in itself. Reduce the burden on your webinar coordinator by utilizing our professionally managed solution. With a service like ours, you no longer tasked with the responsibility of learning the platform. Instead, let our team of experienced event coordinators handle your event from start to finish.

With a webinar provider like Onstream Media, you gain access to so many unique benefits. We will create registration, email links, upload materials, produce recordings, and best of all.. be there during the live event to handle any technical questions that may arise. This allows you to focus on the webinar content while we handle what we're good at.

Webinar Promotional Strategies

Do you have a strategy built around promoting your upcoming webinars?

It is very important to keep promotional efforts consistent. With an all in one solution, we set you up with everything from a registration page down to the recorded session. Onstream offers a unique webinar promotional tool, Onstream + Webinara, which is 100% mobile responsive and SEO optimized.

Once your registration page is live and you begin collecting registrants, use our email capabilities to build out customized confirmation, reminder and post-event follow up emails.

Webinar Integrations

Ease the burden of specific tasks with our platform integrations.

  • Marketo - Integrated with our webinar and webcasting platforms, automate your webinar workflow with Onstream Webinars + Marketo. Main features include synchronization of data, streamline registration, sending emails and canned reports. Click here to learn more.
  • Webinara - Get more attendees for your webinars with Onstream Webinars + Webinara. This integration increases reach and awareness allowing you to connect with new prospects. With Onstream Webinars + Webinara you get twofold advantages in one solution. Create, rehearse, promote, run and share the recording of your webinar all in the same solution. Click here to get started.
  • Telestream Wirecast - Onstream Media + Wirecast makes it easy for A/V producers to stream content directly from Telestream Wirecast to Visual Webcaster. This direct connection will allow producers the opportunity to utilize streaming video, audio, graphics, HTML and presentation slides in their broadcasts. Click here to learn more.
  • Reservationless Audio - Pair any web event with our high quality conferencing solution. Provide your audience with the option to listen and participant over the web, or dial in over the phone if they are on the go.

Give Onstream a try and let us be your preferred webinar vendor. Take advantage of our flexible pricing options and award winning customer service.


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