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By Sabrina George • July 7, 2016

Optimizing Internal Communication

Simply put: Innovation is key. Without the generation of new ideas, or new ways to integrate revenue-driving initiatives accross the enterprise, your company could be in danger of plateauing and potentially falling behind your compeitition. It is through the sharing of market research, customer feedback, and new ideas that allow companies to constantly grow and develop. 

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For this reason, it is of utmost importance that your employees have a place where they can gather to bounce ideas off one another. The reality now is that with today's increasingly globalized office enviornment, this naturally occuring type of collaboration is diminishing. As a result, conversations that would have normally happened inside of conference rooms, at a lunch table, within carpools or around the water cooler, have subsided. While long-distance email is helpful for exchanging notifictions and feedback, it will never replace the value of real-time, face-to-face encounters.  

So, how can you overcome these common communication barriers to ensure that your employees have an organic way to share their thoughts? One soultion would be to invest in an online meetings suite that allows employees to communicate in a variety of chat setting while simultaneously engaging in screen sharing. A product like Onstream Meetings, for instance, provides all of these features while also making it possible to upload multimedia content into a single Web-based console. 

By leveraging a robust online meetings platform like Onstream Meetings, which comes with over 100 features, you can ensure that new workplace ideas will be communicated and given the opportunity to grow into exciting new business initiatives.