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By Sabrina George • June 14, 2016

Operator Assisted Conference Call

With so many conferencing options available today, it’s easy to get confused on what the best possible solution is. Operator Assisted conferencing is a great tool that any industry should consider if they need to share information to a large group via the telephone. Here are some key points to consider when deciding on an Operator Assisted conferencing solution.

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What is an Operator Assisted Conference Call?

According to Wikipedia, “an operator-assisted conference call or op assist call is one in which the conference call is managed by an operator. The telephone operator will greet each call participant, gather specific information from each participant, introduce key speakers, and manage questions and answers, all from the telephone.”

Typically, the service provider will work with you  to choreograph your event from start to finish - providing constant monitoring of the conference for help, security, or sound quality  purposes to make certain you have the best experience possible.

From separate communications lines that keep you informed about the participant attendance to electronic Q&A to solicit questions and feedback from participants, Operator-Assisted services are sought after to ensure a smooth, high-quality business event.

Common uses include:

  • Investor Relations
  • Market Research
  • Depositions
  • Large group meetings
  • Crisis Communications

Although these are just a few examples of when to use Operator Assisted conferencing, there are no real limitations to this service. Whether you need 10 lines for an internal meeting, or 5000+ lines for a town hall call, Operator Assisted conferencing provides the scale and support to accommodate your most important events.

What features are available?

Operator Assisted conferencing has several in-call features, as well as pre/post call features that can be leveraged including:

Before your call

  • Global Access – Provide local, in-country telephone numbers from over 50 countries.
  • Meeting Entry – Customize the way your participants enter the meeting by using Meet & Greet, Instant Entry or Pre-Registration.
  • Direct-Connect – Allow your participants to dial directly into your conference with no operator required Reminder Call – Allow one of our personable operators to contact your participants via phone, email or fax.
  • Restricted List – Increase security measures by allowing only specific participants to enter your meeting. Speaker Training – Our event coordinators will share their expertise on helpful delivery techniques such as presentation length, pauses and procedures for Q&A.

During your call

  • Audio Streaming – Broadcast your event to a mass audience by using our Webcasting service. Communication Link – Privately communicate with your event coordinator during your event to ensure a flawless conference. Interpretation – Provide live interpretation of your meeting in other languages. Lecture – Mute all lines to eliminate background noise. Playback – Present pre-recorded segments during your meeting.
  •  Sub-Conferences – Create smaller groups within your conference for detailed discussions and collaboration.
  • Conference Controller – A web-based application that tracks the list of participants, Q&A queue and offers text chat with the operator.
  • Voting/Polling – Participants can use their telephone keypad to provide instant feedback during a conference.
  •  Digital Recording – Have your conference recorded and emailed to you.

After your call

  • Participant List – Obtain a list of everyone who attended your meeting Replay – Have your recorded conference be made available for replay over the telephone.
  • Transcription – Obtain a text version of your meeting. Translation – Have your transcripts translated into any common business language.
  • Analytics – Access detailed analytics regarding the number of participants, how long they stayed, whether they asked a question or participated in a poll.

Having a live operator on your call not only helps ensure a flawlessly run event, but also allows you to optimize your time more efficiently before, during and after the call.

If you would like to learn more about these services, please contact Infinite Conferencing  at 1.888.203.7900 or fill out the form below!