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By Beth Klein • March 14, 2017

Corporate Training Software

It’s no surprise that eLearning solutions have been gaining momentum recently. Businesses across the world have been turning towards corporate training software to boost productivity and reduce travel cost.  According to a recent study by Forbes, "84% of global executives ranked employee learning as important or very important."

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Corporate Training Software

Keep in mind that the right learning management system, or LMS, can significantly improve the performance of your company and the individuals that you employ. Corporations that build out a sound platform with set processes will immediately notice a difference in productivity.

Corporate training software generally has the capacity to store digital assets (documents) as well as rich media assets (MP3, MP4 files.) In some rare cases they also allow you to incorporate collaborative sessions or webinars as an extension of their platform. Once the content has been determined, it can then be made available on a public or private basis. A corporate e-learning solution is great for compliance training, product launches, employee on boarding, knowledge sharing and continuing education.

Many systems provide mechanisms to do this in a highly customized, secure way. Investing in tools like these allow you to be more productive while reducing costs all at the same time. According to Forbes, "every dollar invested in online training results in a $30 increase in productivity."

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