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By Sabrina George • July 18, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Attend a Webinar

Everyone wants you to attend their webinars. Whether they want to promote their services, inform and engage, or educate internally, they want you there. But why should you want to attend a webinar? Below you will discover 3 simple reasons why you (yes, you) should attend a webinar. 

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Let's imagine you are browsing the web looking to learn something new, and you come across a webinar title that catches your eye. You hop on the registration page and realize that it will only take you a few quick seconds to fill out your information and submit the form. See, wasn't that easy? You don't even have to commit to attending. It'll get logged into your calendar and you'll receive a reminder the day of. Once the day comes, you'll log in and easily be able to listen in from wherever you are. If you get bored, if you have an errand to run, if your phone rings, you can simply close the window and leave. No harm done. The best part is, you don't have to travel to an awkward seminar and sit next to people you don't know wishing you could get up and leave. By having the ability to absorb new information from your own comforts, at most often no cost, then attending a webinar is a no brainer.  


Speakers usually don't gain anything, commercially speaking, from sharing their time and knowledge with you. However, you have a lot to gain from them. These influential though leaders are offering up their time to hand out vital information relevant to whatever topic it is they're speaking on. It is important for you, as an attendee, to take away as much as possible from the experience. So, if you're interested in the topic and you enjoyed the presentation, then reach out and ask questions. The speaker will likely give out links to their social accounts, so take advantage! Let them know what you enjoyed, and offer up some meaningful comments, and they will be more likely to contact you back. The advantages to having their contact information are endless.  


You may think that attending a webinar is time consuming, and that's why most people choose not to attend. But it is important to block out time in your schedule to attend a webinar, and take a few minutes to reflect. There is so much to take away from the experience, including a boat load of new knowledge. This can spark new ideas, and you'll be ready to return to work with a new found excitement. As James Garner put it for realbusiness, “Finding the time or head-space to think creatively can be tough, but it’s a vital part of developing innovative ideas and campaigns. It’s critical to protect and cultivate it by setting aside time to do so."  


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