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By Erica Figueiredo • March 20, 2017

White-Label Web Conferencing

 In an article, originally posted on Forbes.com, white labeling is referred to as, "a fully supported product or service that’s made by one company but sold by another." It is sold as it's own instance, unbranded, so that the buyer can fully customize it to meet their own needs. 

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White-Label Web Conferencing

When it comes to web-conferencing, there are many use cases and benefits to having a white-label solution:

  • Startups looking to provide web-conferencing solutions to their customers -- Instead of spending money and resources developing your own, there are solutions already in existence and with the help of white-labeling, you can brand it as your own and resell. 
  • Large corportations where web-conferencing is utilized on a large scale -- Provides a seamless, professionally branded platform to be used by corporate executives and employees to host internal and external meetings without having to purchase hundreds of licenses through your provider. 
  • Saves you time AND saves you money -- You might think that white labeling is too expensive, however, in the long run, it would be much more cost effective to have your own branded product as opposed to paying so much more money buying licenses that you can't profit from. Moreover, having your own instance would not eat up your time since your provider would do all the development work necessary to get you up and running. 
  • Increases your brand's visibility -- In an article written by SkyStats, they explain that, "paying extra for white labeling on all the products you offer is a great way to proliferate your brand name without being obnoxious, increasing the public’s awareness of your brand."

If this resonates with you, we'd love to discuss the white-label solutions that we offer and how they would benefit your brand! Click here to reach out! 


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