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By Erica Figueiredo • December 22, 2016

Webinar vs. Webcast: What's the difference?

Webinars and webcasts are inherently similar, but there are differences between the two and situations in which it is more appropriate to conduct one over the other. While everyone has there own definitions on what a webinar or a webcast is, we've come up with a brief comparison of both...

What is the difference between a webinar and a webcast?

Generally speaking, webinars and webcasts both refer to an event that is conducted over the Internet. The biggest difference between the two really depends on audience size and features. Let's break it down... 


Webinars are ideal for small meetings and collaboration sessions for up to a couple hundred participants. With webinars, when we say collaborations, we mean that it is a bit more interactive in terms of the features that are offered. Some of the features offered with a webinar are:

  • Screen sharing
  • Whiteboard markup
  • Instant messaging chat box - public or private
  • Two-way audio/video

Our webinar services are offered as a self-service plan, but we have professionally managed options as well where you are given a dedicated event coordinator to ensure a seamless event. 


Webcasts are fully managed events ideal for large-scale, high quality audio/video, broadcasts with one-way audio/video. Similar to a TV broadcast; "one to many."

A webcast accommodates a few presenters and a large audience (thousands to tens of thousands.) Due to the audience size, in return you're event will include less interactivity. Some of the key features of a webcast would be:

  • High quality audio and video
  • Moderated Q&A
  • Polling
  • Advanced reporting/analytics 


Hopefully this has all been helpful, and you're now a bit more comfortable with deciphering the difference between a webinar and a webcast. When you're ready, we'd love to hear from you so that we can discuss your requirements and fit you with the right solution!


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